Positive attitude wins jobs

Positive attitude wins jobs

  • Published on Tuesday 9 June, 2015
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When recruiting for trainees and apprentices that don’t have any previous workforce experience Townsville RSL Personnel Manager Kim Gourley looks at the personality of the applicants.
“We are a customer service organisation,” explains Ms Gourley; “so we want people who can interact well with others. A smile on the face at the interview goes a long way!”

According to MEGT Apprenticeships Centre Consultant Nicky Bartlett, the Townsville RSL has eight apprentices and trainees and while they employ all ages, this year the team is younger. Ms Bartlett monitors their progress on behalf of the Australian Government and commented that they are a very good team to work with.”They are doing their Certificate III and IV in hospitality,” states Ms Bartlett. “These are highly transportable qualifications and combined with the positive customer service attitude Townsville RSL requires, means they are well placed for a strong future in their careers.”

The staff morale is also the reason Ms Gourley enjoys working at Townsville RSL. “Staff get along well together. They help one another out and it is dealing with the staff that makes my job enjoyable.”

Ms Gourley believes they are getting the best out of their younger apprentices and trainees through positive reinforcement, encouragement and good leadership.
She says it is rewarding to help someone do something with their life and help them get a career out of it.

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