Your options as an out-of-contract apprentice or trainee

Your options as an out-of-contract apprentice or trainee

  • Published on Sunday 24 January, 2016
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Unfortunately, not all apprenticeships or traineeships work out as planned, which can lead to a training contract getting cancelled or terminated. Fortunately, there are systems in place to support you if this happens.

As part of the new Australian Apprenticeship Support Network, MEGT now offers an apprenticeship and traineeship matching service called Gateway Services.

With Gateway Services MEGT can match the right person to the right apprenticeship. It also helps those who may not suit an apprenticeship by providing information about alternative career paths that are available.

Out of contract and not sure where to go next?
Register for MEGT’s Gateway Services and let us find your perfect match.

Finding a new employer

While the termination or cancellation of a contract is disappointing, you should begin the search for a new employer as quickly as possible. An excellent way to get the ball rolling is to upload your resume to the MEGT jobs board.

MEGT Gateway Services is FREE for candidates and allows you to filter apprenticeships and traineeships according to your preferred state, industry and location.

Finding a new apprentice

MEGT’s Gateway Services is not just for apprentices and trainees.

As an employer, you can also access this FREE services to post vacancies or simply register with the site, allowing you to explore a database of eager and suitable apprentices and trainees perfectly matched to your on-the-job training opportunity.