Need to focus on core business activities? A trainee can help

Need to focus on core business activities? A trainee can help

  • Published on Tuesday 1 September, 2015
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What is a trainee?

Trainees are trained in vocational areas, such as office administration, information technology and tourism.
Traineeships generally take between twelve to twenty-four months to complete and include skills such as business, retail, community health, child care, financial services and many more. Upon successful completion, a trainee will receive a qualification in their chosen vocational area.

How can a trainee help?

Traineeships have a strong and relevant role in small businesses that want to focus the owner’s time on the things they do best and grow their customer base. Trainees can be a great help with customer enquiries and bookings, with the bookkeeping and stock control. The less time you spend on the administration side of things, the more you can focus on overseeing the total business – regardless of size of your business.

They are able to qualify sooner than a traditional apprenticeship too. A traineeship generally takes up to 24 months – sooner if the person is deemed competent before that. It is not unusual for trainees to become qualified in 12 months.

Managing your staff

Under the Group Training model, MEGT hosts apprentices or trainees and takes on the contractual and administrative responsibilities of the employer (the payment of wages and superannuation for example) and recruitment of Australian Apprentices. They undertake the employer responsibilities for the continuity and quality of the apprentices’ employment and training and has them hosted in a variety of businesses. They manage the additional care and support necessary to achieve the successful completion of the training contract.

The advantages include:

  • receive a better quality apprentices and trainees as we have an extensive screening process
  • reducing recruitment risk by labour-hiring the apprentice
  • significant savings of time and money on screening, interviewing and placement of apprentices and trainees
  • savings made on inducting new employees and processing timesheets, payroll and entitlements.

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