MEGT helps Mindanao with education to employment program

MEGT helps Mindanao with education to employment program

  • Published on Wednesday 17 October, 2012
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Australia’s world’s best practice model of education leading to employment is on show in Melbourne and Tasmania with 12 delegates from educational institutions and supporting organisations in Mindanao in the Philippines visiting MEGT.

The delegates are part of the Australian Leadership Award Fellowship, sponsored by AusAid and hosted by local not for profit organisation, MEGT (Australia).

The Philippine government has been looking for ways to increase vocational skills of its workforce in order to provide more employment opportunities to its people, and to help its local businesses to grow. The Australian Group Training supported employment and training model is held in high esteem and the delegation will be keen to see how it’s done in Australia and talk to Australian business people.

Group Training was introduced in 1981 when small and medium enterprises complained they just didn’t have enough continuous work for the four years it would take for an apprentice to complete their apprenticeship with them. Government decided the solution lay in a quasi labour-hire model and purpose-built the program to be a safety net not only for the apprentice, but also for the employer.

Group Training Organisations take on the contractual and administrative responsibilities of the employer (the payment of wages and superannuation for example) and recruitment of Australian Apprentices. They undertake the employer responsibilities for the continuity and quality of the apprentices’ employment and training and lease them to business. They manage the additional care and support necessary to achieve the successful completion of the training contract.

This partnership between a business and the Group Training Organisation alleviates a lot of the risk involved in employment. The risk is also reduced in staffing levels for variable workflow with the Group Training Organisation managing the placement of apprentices.