Managing your finances as an apprentice or trainee

Managing your finances as an apprentice or trainee

  • Published on Monday 28 March, 2016
  • 3 min. to read


Working as an apprentice or trainee is an excellent way to combine study with gaining valuable on-the-job experience while you work towards a qualification, but it can also be tough financially.

This may be your first full-time job or the first time you’ve studied or moved out of home. Those things are a big deal already without having to manage your money for the first time too!

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to help you make the most of your money as you work towards your career goals.

First things first – are you getting paid what you should be?

With changes being made to employment agreements regularly, it can be hard for workers and employers to keep up with the latest.

Fair Work Australia offers a free online pay calculator so you can check what you should be getting paid.

Now that’s sorted – are you eligible for financial assistance?

The Australian Government offers various types of financial support for trainees, apprentices, or people studying, including income support, payments for child care or travel expenses, or help with living expenses.

Many of these payments usually continue during semester breaks or between courses.

Apprentice? Find out if you are eligible for support here.
Student or trainee? Check your eligibility here.

Need help managing your money?

If you’re working as an apprentice or trainee and you’re not sure where your money goes every week, it might help to know that plenty of people feel the same way as you!

Doing something about it can make a big difference and be a huge stress buster. It can also seem overwhelming, but you don’t have to manage your money alone.

The Australian Government’s MoneySmart website is a great place to start if you need a hand with budgeting, getting on top of your bills, saving money, and living out of home on a low income.

What other assistance is there?

Have you considered applying for a Low Income Health Care Card? If you are eligible, the card will give you access to cheaper prescription medicines as well as concessions from various organisations. Every little bit helps when it comes to saving while you are studying or an apprentice or trainee!

Still stressed out about finances?

If your finances (or life in general!) are leaving you feeling down, worried about your health, or turning to drinking or drug use, there are plenty of ways to get help. There’s no need to let it all get on top of you or to feel alone. Head here for tips on managing your mental health and for organisations you can contact for support.

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