Liam rises to the top

Liam rises to the top

  • Published on Sunday 17 June, 2018
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Pastry apprentice Liam Stocker made headlines recently when he was awarded the Most Consistent Apprentice Award by TAFE SA, recognising Liam as the most outstanding baker among his peers.

L-R: Julie Howe – MEGT Business Relationships Leader; Liam Stocker – Australian Apprentice; Darren Murrell – Employer, Pick Avenue Deli & Bakery.

Liam has demonstrated exceptional skills for the duration of his apprenticeship as he learnt to form and fill pastry products, bake bread, cakes and cookies, process dough and prepare fillings.

Liam was scheduled to complete his apprenticeship this month but his employer Darren Murrell, owner of Pick Avenue Deli & Bakery Mount Gambier, signed him off in January saying he was “incredibly proud of Liam’s success and was keen to complete him early.”

Darren went on to say that Liam “is a very competent baker and consistently performs at a high standard.”  Liam will be staying on as a qualified baker with Pick Ave Deli & Bakery into the future and is excited about being signed off five months early.

Well done Liam!

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