Launch of the MEGT Reconciliation Action Plan

Launch of the MEGT Reconciliation Action Plan

  • Published on Wednesday 29 April, 2015
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The week-long celebration builds on the respectful relationships shared by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians and is an ideal opportunity for all Australians to explore ways to join the national reconciliation effort.

It is the time for us to join the reconciliation conversation, working towards the goal of creating a fair and equal society.

What does ‘reconciliation’ mean?

Reconciliation involves building strong and trusting relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians, as a foundation for success and to enhance our national wellbeing.

When did it begin?

May 27 marks the anniversary of the 1967 referendum when Australians voted to remove clauses in the Australian Constitution that discriminated against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The day before National Reconciliation Week, 26 May, is National Sorry Day, which was first held in Sydney in 1998 and is now commemorated nationally to remember and honour the Stolen Generations.

Another important date is June 3. This date marks the historic 1992 Mabo decision in which the High Court of Australia recognised native title—the recognition that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ rights over their lands did survive British colonisation. 2012 marked the 20th anniversary of the Mabo decision and the 45th anniversary of the 1967 referendum.

So May 27 to June 3 has become the Week of Prayer for Reconciliation. It began in 1993 and was supported by Australia’s major religious groups. Three years later it evolved into National Reconciliation Week under the guidance of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation (now Reconciliation Australia).

MEGT’s contribution

MEGT is committed to reconciliation; envisaging a nation that is built on equality, diversity, unity, understanding and respect for all. As a well regarded employment, education and training provider, MEGT aims to ensure all Australians have equal access to meaningful and rewarding employment.

MEGT is proud to take part in our nation’s journey towards reconciliation. We launched its first Reconciliation Action Plan in 2013 to record our experience and work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their communities. It provides us with a formal avenue to embed reconciliation in our organisation’s culture.

MEGT recognises reconciliation as a key priority in our work across Australia, especially as we continue to work with the youth of Australia through apprenticeships, traineeships, education, training and employment.