Traineeship gives Kirsten’s career a kick start

Traineeship gives Kirsten’s career a kick start

  • Published on Thursday 15 December, 2016
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Over the last ten years, MEGT’s recruitment team has built a strong relationship with Swinburne University of Technology.

We currently have seven trainees working for Swinburne and have placed 65 trainees with the organisation over the past 10 years, supporting them as they gained on-the-job experience across various departments of the University while working towards a nationally accredited qualification.

One of these trainees was Kirsten Ryan, who began her traineeship with Swinburne in 2007, at the age of 16, after deciding she wanted to be working rather than doing mainstream schooling.

Kirsten initially started in the Human Resources (HR) team three days per week and spent the other two days per week providing administration support for the Department of Horticulture and Environment. Within a few months, she moved to the HR team full-time and stayed there for the bulk of her traineeship.

According to Kirsten, there are a lot of key skills she learned in the first six months of her traineeship that she is still dependent on today.

These skills included attention to detail and organisation skills, and learning how to build relationships with stakeholders across the business.

Although she never completed Year 12, Kirsten has gone on to complete a Master of Commerce in Human Resource Management. She is now looking to study a Law Degree and plans to be practising as an employment lawyer by the time she is 30.

“Even though it’s years later and I am doing different work, those kind of fundamental skills you learn in those early days really can set you up for the rest of your career.”

“I have just taken an alternative pathway to a lot of school leavers and perhaps a lot of VCE graduates as well, but it’s important to find what works for you,” she said.

When asked about working for Swinburne, Kirsten said she was grateful to have completed her traineeship with a large organisation that she could gain exposure to lots of different areas and duties.

“Even if you are predominantly based in one department at Swinburne, you are still going to be working with the various teams across the University at some point. Swinburne isn’t so big that you can’t build connections across the organisation.”

Kirsten is also grateful for the support she received from MEGT during her traineeship, particularly from her dedicated mentor.

“She was always checking with me to make sure I was going okay and making sure Swinburne were happy with me too. She was a great support, and when I needed some guidance, she was my go-to person. Knowing I had someone available whenever I needed them was really nice,” she said.

At this stage, Kirsten has no plans to leave Swinburne and continues to work as an HR Business Partner for the University while also planning for further studies.

“There are a lot of really great people that work here, that’s the main reason I’ve been here this long. I work with a great team. It’s a fantastic place to complete a traineeship,” says Kirsten.

We wish Kirsten all the best with her future plans!

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