Josh Grant is passionate and loves his work

Josh Grant is passionate and loves his work

  • Published on Wednesday 13 October, 2010
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As a third-year apprentice chef, he is realising his dream of working with food and achieving excellence in his chosen career.

A recent trip to Sydney saw him awarded the highest accolade when he was voted the best apprentice as a member of the country team in the annual Master Cooking Championships for apprentices in the City versus Country challenge in Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Heather Hands, from MEGT’s Australian Apprenticeships Centre in Taree, as part of her apprenticeship monitoring service, has watched Josh grow in confidence and skills and is extremely proud of his achievements.

Josh grew up with an interest in food. His dad has a degree in Food Science and did a lot of cooking at home. Josh was also lucky to live in an area with a great array of wine and food.

When asked what is the most important work in a kitchen Josh advises ‘We never lose sight that every dish ordered has to be prepared individually from scratch. The customer is the final judge, so you must give them what they ordered and prepare with love.’

Australian Apprenticeships are an Australian Government initiative.
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