Dishing up a second chance for Jade

Dishing up a second chance for Jade

  • Published on Sunday 3 July, 2016
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In August 2015, MEGT apprentice Jade Fulton was working full-time and undertaking a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery. He was in his final year and very happy with his employer and how his training was progressing.

At the beginning of 2016, his employer, after 15 years of operation, sold his business. In the hands of the new owner, the company was restructured and with six months to go before completing his qualification, Jade found himself unemployed.

After attempting to find work for several months, Jade eventually went to see his local MEGT consultant Mahir Ozdilek, based in Echuca, to ask for assistance in finding a new employer so he could complete his apprenticeship.

Mahir wasted no time and immediately rang one of his clients, David Bowman from Office Cafe, and asked him if he could offer Jade a chance to finish his apprenticeship.

David was very open to it, and even though he did not need another apprentice in the kitchen, he still wanted to have a chat with Jade to see whether he would be the right fit for David’s team.

Following their chat, Jade agreed to do a trial run for a couple of days at the Office Cafe, and at the end of it, he was offered a full-time position and a chance to complete his apprenticeship .

Well done Jade and Mahir!

L – R: Mahir Ozdilek, Apprenticeships Field Consultant – MEGT, Jade Fulton, David Bowman, Owner – Office Cafe.

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