MEGT Institute – creating opportunities for international students

MEGT Institute – creating opportunities for international students

  • Published on Thursday 15 September, 2016
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Thorsten Wilhelm, International Client Relations Manager – MEGT Institute (back, centre) with staff and students from Heraud Education and Training Centre. 

MEGT Institute has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Heraud Education and Training Centre, an Australian-based skill training organisation delivering courses in India.

This collaboration will allow MEGT Institute to:

  • Get actively involved in up-skilling the local Indian workforce to help them find employment, not just in India but also in the Middle East and South-East Asia
  • Assist Heraud to deliver online training
  • Deliver “train-the-trainer” programs to Heraud’s trainers
  • Create a foundation for articulation pathway programs to allow Heraud students to continue their studies in Australia
  • Establish English language courses at Heraud’s training facilities and online

Heraud is currently offering training programs as per National Occupational Standards accredited to Sector Skill Councils and backed by the Indian government. These qualifications enable students to gain a job in India or to pursue the second year of a Diploma level course in Australia.

Heraud also delivers “Train-the-trainer” professional development programs for its local staff and is interested in working with MEGT Institute on curriculum consultancy and eLearning programs. Their aim is to train 100,000 students over the next ten years and to introduce industry sponsored facilities for their students.


MEGT Institute has been building a relationship with Heraud Education since early 2016 and were thrilled to receive an invitation recently to meet with senior management and local staff to make the collaboration official.


International Client Relations Manager with MEGT Institute, Thorsten Wilhelm, travelled to India to see Heraud’s training sites, liaise with teachers and trainers, and meet with administration staff.


Thorsten also had the opportunity to meet and speak with employers and corporations that have been working with Heraud Education and Training, who vouched for the quality of their “job ready” graduates and expressed excitement in this collaboration with MEGT Institute.


MEGT Institute would like to sincerely thank the Heraud team for making these agreements possible and looks forward to a successful future together.