How do you solve a problem like finding skilled admin staff?

How do you solve a problem like finding skilled admin staff?

  • Published on Wednesday 19 August, 2015
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Many small businesses struggle to attract skilled administration staff due to the cost of employing experienced people and the perceived lack of career progression for candidates. As a leading trainee recruitment organisation, MEGT Australia believes attracting inexperienced staff with the relevant aptitude and motivation – and then training them – is a great way for businesses to get good junior admin staff.

But finding them requires new tactics. Young people are searching for work differently these days and MEGT’s research reveals young people are sourcing roles through their networks and social media. So, if a business isn’t promoting their vacancies more widely, they are finding it harder to attract quality candidates.

Attracting the best junior admin staff

To recruit junior admin staff, leveraging the right type of social media platform is important. Posting jobs on popular job search sites which include region-specific targeting help to filter for local applicants but you can improve results by refining the search based on the type of people you would like to hire. MEGT Australia aligns job vacancies for junior admin staff with the audience profile of the online media.

Simplifying the application process for candidates for junior admin staff roles

TV/laptop/desktop PC/tablet/smartphone … with the increasing simultaneous use of multiple devices, it is now important to tailor a recruitment message so that it displays properly on each device. Targeting messages for different media to reach out to prospective employees is something we do best. We make it easier for the best candidates to apply.

Tailoring the vacancy description to attract the best junior admin staff

The attitude of the candidate at the time of viewing a vacancy can affect the success of the advertisement. Tailoring the benefits of working with an organisation to the person’s life interests increases the success rate, which is something MEGT does best. We utilise technology to promote job vacancies not only to defined demographics but also to defined psychographic profiles.

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