How can small businesses recruit young staff?

How can small businesses recruit young staff?

  • Published on Monday 10 August, 2015
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Many small and new businesses are finding that taking on an admin trainee can help with operational tasks, leaving staff with higher skill levels to concentrate on strategy and projects.

In getting this productivity balance right, one of the most significant challenges is finding a trainee that is a good fit for the team, particularly because attributes such as personality and background experience play a huge part in determining successful team dynamics.

Running a small business often means not having the time to do the background work necessary to actually find candidates with the appropriate attributes for team fit, and many small businesses often have little experience in making these assessments.

MEGT offers a very simple recruitment solution to this. For a one-off fee, MEGT sources an appropriate apprentice or trainee for a business and does the entire candidate screening on their behalf. It’s also the cheapest way to source a recruit –the thorough screening process allows for time savings and the potential for sustained employment.

We have a large candidate pool of pre-screened and interviewed quality candidates who will be able to quickly address increasing workplace requirements at a short notice.

If you want to get started with hiring an apprentice, we can help you with everything you need to recruit and manage your apprentices and trainees. You can pick the service level that suits your business’s needs.

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