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The health and safety of our workers is our highest priority and I am committed to leading our organisation to achieve our vision to Think Safe, Work Safe, Live Safe, with the ultimate aim for our workforce to arrive Home Safe each and every day.

The Board and Executive Leadership Team are committed to providing the leadership and resources needed to develop and increase the health and safety knowledge of our workforce, and to the implementation of our long term Health and Safety Strategy and annual business plans to achieve our vision.

A dedicated team of health and safety professionals has been appointed to lead us on our health and safety journey.  This dedicated team also has the responsibility for injury prevention and effective injury management.  We are committed to assisting injured workers to remain at work and return to work as soon as they are capable, by assisting them with rehabilitation and workers compensation management.

We believe that all incidents are preventable when we do things right, meaning we have the proper leadership, behaviour, and systems at the core of our culture. We are making a difference preventing incidents by managing what we can control before an incident occurs, carefully investigating incidents to help avoid repeating them and working with our host employers to develop safe workplace environments. 

People are our greatest asset, and every worker has the right to arrive Home Safe every day, that’s why at MEGT health and safety is at the forefront of everything we do.

David Windridge
Chief Executive Officer & Director
MEGT (Australia) Ltd

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