Flexible labour solutions

If you need an apprentice or trainee to meet short or long-term business needs, we have a flexible labour hire solution.

Become a Host Employer with MEGT and we’ll take the work out of finding high-quality apprentices and trainees.

What is a Host Employer?

As a Host Employer, all you need to do is provide on-the-job training and supervision for your new apprentice or trainee for the time they are required.

You can host the apprentice or trainee short or long-term, depending on your business needs. If your new worker is no longer required, no worries! Simply let us know and we will place them with another employer.

We’ll handle the rest – this means we will:

  • Work with you to identify your needs, then carefully select the right person for the job
  • Remain their legal employer and pay their wages and entitlements
  • Ensure your new employee is work ready before they enter your business
  • Monitor training and manage performance
  • Oversee their health and safety in the workplace

We’re here to support you and your new worker, leaving you more time to get on with your business.

Prefer to hire directly?

Need someone to manage your apprentice or trainee payroll?

We’ve got you covered!

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