Don’t get caught out by Government grant scams!

Don’t get caught out by Government grant scams!

  • Published on Sunday 10 February, 2019
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Looking for a Government grant to help your business?

Whether it’s funding to upskill your workforce, a grant for new technology or anything in between, you should never have to pay for access to free information! Government grant information is always available online or you can give us a call to discuss with your local experts.

 Protect your business
 When you’re looking for Government grants, keep in mind that:

  • You should never be asked to pay money for information about Government grants – be wary of websites that charge you for grant information or services
  • Paying money for grant services will not buy you special consideration, all Government grants are awarded on merit
  • While you can pay for help with writing grant applications, it’s important to choose a trustworthy provider

Make sure you are using a Government website
 Scammers will try to copy government websites by using:

  • ‘Official’ looking images and logos
  • Misleading URLs (e.g.

If you’re unsure, remember that official Government websites use in their URL.

Looking for information about Government grants?
 To see what grants are available in your state, take a look at the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science’s Grants and Assistance Tool or give your local apprenticeship experts a call on 13 MEGT (6348) today!

 Spotted a scammer?
To report scams, visit Scamwatch.   

Need more information?

Head here to find your nearest apprenticeship experts.

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