Get to know our team – Danielle, NSW

Get to know our team – Danielle, NSW

  • Published on Thursday 26 May, 2016
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At MEGT, we’re proud of the personalised service our local consultants can provide. Consultants just like Danielle Purcell, our Industry Employment Consultant from Sydney, NSW.

As an Industry Employment Consultant, Danielle’s role is to provide mentoring to employers, apprentices, and trainees to assist the apprentice or trainee to complete their qualification.

Her role includes visiting the workplace at least every eight weeks as well as managing and resolving any day-to-day challenges that may arise.

Danielle currently looks after 50 apprentices and trainees, in both metropolitan and regional areas. The quality of service she provides is reflected in the fact that many of her employers have stayed with her during all her years at MEGT, taking on more apprentices and trainees over time.

How long have you worked here?

I have been at MEGT forever! I started in October 2002 as a casual trainer and was made permanent in August 2003.

What are three words that best describe your experience at MEGT this year?

This year has so far been engaging, rewarding but sometimes challenging.

What are your aspirations for 2016?

Sit on a beach in a Tahiti! Just kidding! My plan is to continue to work with the trainees and apprentices to achieve their goals and to obtain their qualifications. I also plan to continue to maintain a good relationship with my trainees, apprentices, and clients.

What trends do you see in your field?

At the moment, trends in the field include more employment of 2nd and 3rd-year apprentices and less 1st-year apprentices, and there is more retention of trainees and apprentices at the end of their training time.

The effect of social media on the recruitment and retention of trainees has been interesting to watch. There has also been a change of the trades to more technical based trades than mechanical.

What has impressed you so far this year?

My proudest moment was our apprentice Broadie Oakes winning NSW Apprentice of the Year and then being up for Australian Apprentice of the Year.  (Read more about Brodie’s achievements here.)

What do you believe is the benefit of using MEGT for recruiting apprentices and trainees?

I believe we have a very thorough recruitment process, and we can deliver on our promises. We make sure we find the right candidate to fit the business needs and tailor our support services to help them complete their qualification.