Get in early and get the right person for the job

Get in early and get the right person for the job

  • Published on Monday 19 September, 2016
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It may be too early for most people to be thinking about 2017 – but not for secondary school students! The senior school year is quickly coming to an end and all around the country, students are thinking about what the future may hold for them when it’s time to leave the classroom behind.

At MEGT, we are already starting to receive applications from students who wish to gain valuable workplace experience as an apprentice or trainee while they work towards the qualification of their choice. Our network of local school career advisors have also begun referring their stand-out students to us. By mid-November, we will have already placed most of these school-leavers into employment, ready for them to transition straight into the workforce after they graduate.

This is why it’s important for you to plan your recruitment needs early so we can ensure you don’t miss out on the best candidates. Here are three more advantages to planning now:


We can help you decide what’s right for your business

Starting the planning process now will give you plenty of time to explore the ins and outs of hiring an apprentice or trainee. We can help you determine whether this is the right step for your business, help you understand what’s involved in taking on an apprentice or trainee, and be there to support you all the way through from sign-up to completion.


You get more time to plan your team and find the perfect fit

If you decide to take on an apprentice or trainee, planning ahead will give you time to decide who will be their supervisor, what duties they will be expected to complete and what qualities and attributes you are looking for in your new worker to ensure they are the best fit for your business.


You’ll get ahead of the rest and stand out from the crowd

A huge number of apprentice and trainee positions are advertised at the end of the school year, giving students plenty to choose from as they start their careers. Being prepared now will help you get ahead of the competition and get noticed early.

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