MEGT’s Gateway Services give Louise a head start

MEGT’s Gateway Services give Louise a head start

  • Published on Monday 19 October, 2015
  • 2 min. to read


Sarah Wright, the owner of the Hair Room 501 Hairdressing Salon in the heart of the Port of Echuca, is always willing to provide apprenticeship opportunities to keen locals. Recently, MEGT Apprenticeships Consultant Mahir Ozdilek spoke to Sarah regarding Australian School-Based Apprenticeships.

“Sarah has employed full-time apprentices previously, but it has been a while since she last put on a school-based apprentice. On one of my regular visits to Sarah, I explained the benefits of this program, pointing out the fact that it could be very rewarding for both the employer and the student. Sarah was very keen on this idea.”

Mahir also explained how MEGT’s new Gateway Services could assist Sarah and other employers. By sourcing and screening suitable candidates, and assessing candidates using aptitude testing, MEGT ensures prospective apprentices are matched to an employer.

Mahir began by sourcing interested students from the schools in the region to find a suitable candidate.

“I contacted the Career Coordinators at schools in the Campaspe region and found two enthusiastic applicants and arranged the interview process for Sarah. Louise Norris, Year 10 student from St. Joseph’s College in Echuca was successful in obtaining the position. The Careers Coordinator at St. Joseph’s College, Beth Crossman was also very supportive for Louise to take on this opportunity.”

Louise was thrilled to be signed into a Certificate III in Hairdressing and commence her apprenticeship with Hair Room 501 in late August.

“She is extremely excited about this opportunity and cannot wait to start learning what the industry has to offer. Sarah was so happy with the outcome that she now has decided to put on another school-based apprentice and asked me to provide the same assistance to her”, Mahir said.

Well done Sarah and Mahir and congratulations to Louise on the beginning of your new career!