First-time business owner? Reduce your recruitment risk

First-time business owner? Reduce your recruitment risk

  • Published on Monday 24 August, 2015
  • 2 min. to read


Access to business knowledge and expertise and very low-cost recession-proof staffing has always been available with one of the best-kept secrets: Group Training.

Group Training Organisations(GTO) like MEGT Australia, host apprentices or trainees and take on the contractual and administrative responsibilities of the employer (the payment of wages and superannuation for example) and recruitment of Australian Apprentices. They undertake the employer responsibilities for the continuity and quality of the apprentices’ employment and training and has them hosted in a variety of businesses. They manage the additional care and support necessary to achieve the successful completion of the training contract.

At the same time you are reducing recruitment risk by labour hiring the apprentice, if you are first-time business owner or manager, you can watch and learn first-hand how an outside organisation tackles your paperwork, compliance, recruitment, payroll, superannuation, WH&S, WorkCover, unfair-dismissal laws and people management.

This partnership between a business and the GTO alleviates a lot of the risk involved in employment. The risk is also reduced in staffing levels for variable workflow with the GTO managing the placement of apprentices.

And what about the future? What better way of making sure you have the extra hands you need for the project without heavily impacting your bottom line by working closely with MEGT and outsourcing the administration, payroll and management?