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We work in partnership with communities, local employers, Indigenous Land Councils and local Aboriginal Australian and Torres Strait Islander peoples and government bodies to ensure everyone is committed to supporting successful ongoing employment.

The MEGT Pre Employment Program for Indigenous apprentices at Merriman Station commenced on 17/3/14, with 20 Indigenous jobseekers undertaking the three week program to see if there was a career for them in the wool industry.

From the initial 20, MEGT selected 15 to undertake the three month shearing school from 14/4/14 and 13 of these jobseekers successfully complete a Certificate II in Agriculture.

MEGT IATN in partnership with the Bateman Shearing Team and the Indigenous Lands Council provides training and then seeks to secure employment for the graduates.

Merriman Station is an ILC-purchased working sheep station near Brewarrina in north west NSW. The ILC established Merriman as venue for an innovative shearing school that prepares young Indigenous people to work in the wool industry.

Yarrabah is an Indigenous Community in Far North Queensland. ‘Paradise by the Sea’ states the council’s advertising and this is no exaggeration. Beauty abounds. It is situated on the coast inside the Great Barrier Reef and although it is only just across the inlet from Cairns, it could be another world. The trip to Yarrabah traverses a steep and richly foliated tropical mountain range. Views to the Coral Sea are spectacular.

Over the past three months MEGT has been working with Traditional Owners of the Gunggandji Land and Sea Country in Yarrabah to establish an Indigenous Ranger program. So far for this project MEGT has recruited and placed a Ranger Coordinator in Payroll Services,provided full recruitment and management services to four Ranger trainees and tomorrow we will place a school-based trainee with them.

We have been asked by the Gunggandji management to recruit and provide labour hire services for a Traditional Use of Marine Resources Agreement (TUMRA) Coordinator and last week we commenced the recruitment of a CEO for the Gunggandji Aboriginal Corporation. It’s a busy time and this is a very exciting project.

Working to their Indigenous Land and Sea Management Plan, the Gunggandji Rangers have been funded by the State and Federal Governments through the Working on Country Program and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to establish Indigenous Land Use Agreements and a TUMRA. The Rangers are being trained in Certificates II, III, and IV – Conservation and Land Management and the key features of the program will see them managing weed control and eradication, feral animal control, fire management, turtle and dugong management and cultural mapping.

Throughout Indigenous Australia the Ranger Programs provide highly regarded and sought after positions within their communities. Few things give Indigenous Australians more pride than working to protect and manage their traditional country and its cultural assets. MEGT’s provision of flexible professional services has been strongly endorsed by the Gunggandji Board as meeting the real needs they could not economically do on their own.

Fourteen young Indigenous Australians started cattle station traineeships on Virginia Park station, near Charters Towers in North Queensland on 2nd March 2015 through MEGT’s Indigenous Apprenticeship and Traineeship Network. Although this was day one of their employment, it marked the end of a detailed training, recruitment and selection process of over 150 applicants from throughout Queensland.

The traineeships have been created through a partnership between many stakeholders: National Indigenous Pastoral Enterprises (NIPE), a subsidiary of The Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) is hosting and supervising the trainees on four of its stations in Far North Queensland. Participating stations are Bulimba, Crocodile/Welcome and Merepah stations. Training services for the Certificate II in Agriculture are being provided by Rural Industry Training and Extension Ltd (RITE). A range of Job Services Australia and Regional Jobs and Community Program providers are also contributing to the project.

“This partnership is providing opportunities to give another terrific group of young aspirants a real head start,” said Terry Balle from MEGT. “We’ve chosen a really diverse group this year,” he said. “It’s been a great start. Spirits are very high. Laughter and chatter from the training camp dormitory was keeping me awake long after lights out!”

“The Jackaroos and Jillaroos know what an opportunity they have got. Australia loves to romanticise the outback and the rural lifestyle but few city people ever get to see a cattle station let alone work on a muster or load 12 decks of cattle on three road trains as the sun rises.”

“These lucky folk will get to see it all. They will enjoy the sunsets, campfires, fishing and horse riding competitions. They may even hear an old stockman recite his Banjo Patterson favourites if they’re lucky. They will work hard and learn a range of life skills to be station hands in the Australian bush, all while participating in a full-time traineeship designed to prepare them for life and a career in the cattle industry on country.”

MEGT Australia is the Vocational Training and Employment Centre (VTEC) provider for Melbourne, Victoria.

MEGT VTEC works in partnership with major Australian Employment Covenant (AEC) employers, GenerationOne and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

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Here are just some of the qualifications you could get with MEGT’s assistance.

  • Bricklaying
  • Conservation & Land Management
  • Office Administration
  • Education Support
  • Financial Services
  • Horticulture
  • Hospitality
  • Jillaroo or jackaroo
  • Retail
  • Sheep shearing
  • Teacher’s Aide

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Our dedicated Indigenous Apprenticeship and Traineeship Network (IATN) currently employs, trains or mentors over 200 indigenous people.

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MEGT has been involved in the training and employment of Indigenous Australians through our Group Training division for many years, and in facilitating the direct employment of over 6,800 Indigenous Australians as Apprentices and Trainees through our Australian Apprenticeship Support Network.

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Jillaroos and Jackaroos of the future

Fourteen young Indigenous Australians started cattle station traineeships on Virginia Park station, near Charters Towers in North Queensland on March 2 through MEGT’s Indigenous Apprenticeship and Traineeship Network. Although this

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