Find the right apprentice or trainee for your business

Find the right apprentice or trainee for your business

  • Published on Thursday 7 May, 2015
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It is important to ensure the apprentice you hire is the right one. Having a team with the right skills allows businesses to meet the challenges of competition, growth and innovation. MEGT’s specialist apprentice job site has been set up to ensure that as an employer – an apprenticeship becomes a successful partnership.

Looking for apprentices and trainees for your business?

Start with a good job description
Recruiting the right candidate means being very clear of what you expect from your future apprentice.
Write a detailed description on what the job entails, identify the skills required to do the job and determine whether the employee needs to be full-time or part-time. If you require someone on a part-time basis, think about whether a school-based apprentice or trainee will meet your needs.
You can also use our online tools to build the position description.

Advertise the position
MEGT has a specialised apprentice and trainee job site which can help you leverage our vast network across Australia to source the right candidate for you.
With a simple registration process, it is easy to access a range of potential apprentices or trainees who can add value to your business. MEGT recruitment services can make it easy to get the right job advertisement that will attract the right people for the position you are offering.

Vet your candidates during the interview
While interviewing candidates – it is good to have a list of questions prepared to guide your questions. What you need to look for is behaviour, attitudes and transferrable skills that will allow the applicant to adapt to the tasks and duties required. Look out for candidates who display some passion towards the apprenticeship as in the long run the apprentices will remain with your business if they enjoy the work.

Hire an MEGT apprentice or trainee
If you want to reduce employment risks when employing apprentices and trainees, you can choose a labour on-hire type mechanism with MEGT Group Training. MEGT employs Australian Apprentices and hires or leases them out to different businesses on a short or long-term basis anywhere in Australia. It’s the easiest and safest way of gaining the extra pair of hands your business needs, while ensuring you have skilled staff for the future.
If you want to get started with hiring an apprentice, we can help you with everything you need to recruit and manage your apprentices and trainees. You can pick the service level that suits your business’s needs.
Contact us on 136963 and we will guide you through all options available to you.

Understanding the benefits of apprenticeships

By employing an apprentice or trainee, you can have staff trained your way from the start which greatly increases your business's efficiency and productivity. Apprenticeships are a timeless tradition that

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Government support

Government Support If you directly employ an Australian Apprentice (apprentice or trainee), your business may be eligible for Australian Government financial incentives*; and current employees may be able to access

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