Our tips for staying safe this festive season

Our tips for staying safe this festive season

  • Published on Monday 19 December, 2016
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Summer is here and while you are most likely prepared for all the fun things this presents, are you ready for hazards that come with the summer months as well?

MEGT will provide regular safety tips across the summer months to help you Think SAFE, Work SAFE and Arrive Home SAFE.

Holiday driving

Holiday destinations are often a long drive from home and many people enjoy motoring adventures that involve long hours behind the wheel.

Stay safe and enjoy the drive

When holidays come around it’s good to think about the safety of you and your family and ensure that you safely arrive at your destination.

  • Prepare your car – have your car serviced and prepare an emergency pack with a blanket, torch and first aid kit.
  • Prepare yourself – be rested before a long drive and plan the trip so you share the driving and take regular breaks to avoid fatigue.
  • Prepare your pets – make sure you have appropriate restraints in the car for your pets.

Driver fatigue

Fatigue is a major cause of death and injury on Australian roads, particularly in the country.

  • Don’t push on to the next town if you are tired
  • Take a break before a tragedy happens
  • Avoid driving when you are normally sleeping – this is the most dangerous time  on the roads  for the fatigued motorist
  • Don’t drive beyond the speed limit
  • Stop every 2 hours for a 15min break
  • Eat well and drink plenty of sugar-free fluids
  • Adjust your driving for the conditions

Celebrating safely

There are a number of things you can do when going out to make sure you have a good time but stay safe.

  • Don’t drink and drive (or boat); it’s not worth the risk of ruining your life or someone else’s
  • Drugs are illegal and dangerous; they may affect your health, safety and career
  • Have water between drinks, eat something, and remember that only time will make you sober
  • Pour your own drinks so that you can manage how much you consume
  • Plan some alcohol-free days

Mental health

Do you feel like you’re on an unstoppable express train to the end of Summer? There’s relentless shopping, a tendency to overindulge in food & alcohol, the summer heat and weather extremes.

  • Pressure on your bank balance fuels stress – talk to friends and family about how to keep Christmas fun, without breaking the bank
  • If there is any family conflict involving you, or you’re dealing with a loss of some sort, emotions and inner turmoil can be heightened at this time of year. Giving yourself time and space to focus on this before Christmas arrives can be helpful acknowledging how you feel can diffuse the situation
  • Recognise how stressful the end of year and holiday period can be, manage your stress as you do any other time of year.
  • Prioritise getting enough sleep, eating well and getting regular exercise
  • If all else fails, plan to debrief with someone you trust. Try to come up with a plan for how you’ll do it differently next year

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