Enormous opportunities in WA

Enormous opportunities in WA

  • Published on Thursday 30 April, 2015
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Brick and blocklaying apprenticeships

There are regularly 50 – 60 job vacancies being advertised at any given time in WA for brick and blocklayers. It’s work that pays well, is not stuck behind a computer screen, is skilful and you can stand back to admire a job well done.

Without enough skilled brick and blocklayers, the entire construction industry would eventually grind to a halt so employers have rallied together in an industry Foundation to attract people who want more in life than a desk and computer screen. The skills come from completing an apprenticeship, so the Foundation does everything it can to make it easy for brickie and blocky businesses to employ an apprentice and to make the industry attractive to job seekers.

What they don’t need, according to Dean Pearson, Western Australia Manager of the Australian Brick & Blocklaying Training Foundation, is overwhelming paperwork and administration. That just makes it even harder to employ apprentices and fix their skills shortage.

‘When I get a call from Dean to go out to help with Training Contracts and incentive assessments, I know he expects a commercial customer service attitude and responsiveness from us,’ explains Ashley Williamson the MEGT Australian Apprenticeships Centre Consultant. ‘We are a free government-contracted service but he expects more for members than administrative support. They are looking for turnkey solutions – not extra paperwork – and that’s the way the apprenticeships system is going now. Brickies need our help in getting people into apprenticeships that really want a career in this industry. They look to us to help promote their industry alongside them. They need mentoring support to help get young people through the four years of learning their trade. They need unbiased, fair advice on quality trainers and employment model options. And they need a can-do attitude in getting the administration side of things done quickly and correctly.’

‘Demand for apprentices is huge,’ says Mr Pearson, who has vacancies they have not been able to fill. ‘There is confidence in the NSW and WA construction markets and businesses are willing to take people on.’ The jobs are there and there’s a lot of innovative support available – all that’s needed now are applicants.

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