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  • Apprenticeships are jobs that combine paid work with structured training and lead to a nationally recognised qualification. Apprenticeship is the name used to describe both apprenticeships and traineeships.
  • Choosing to have an apprentice working in your business will be a great business decision for the growth and future of your business as well as supporting your community
  • You or a nominated person in your business will have the most contact with your apprentice, but you will be supported by;
    • MEGT Apprenticeship Network Provider
    • Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
    • State & Territory Governments – State Training Authority (STA) in your state
    • Australian Government Programs
  • MEGT Apprenticeship Network Provider is the facilitator between the employer, the apprentice and the Registered Training Organisation.
  • Registered Training Organisation (RTO’s) may be a public or private organisation and some employers are also an RTO. RTO’s are audited by State Training Authorities and are responsible for the apprenticeship Training Plan along with the employer and the apprentice.  This plan outlines the units of competency to be completed to obtain a qualification. RTO is also responsible for contact with the employers to assess and validate competency units and issues the certification of competency for completion.
  • State & Territory Governments – State and Territory Training Authorities (STA’s) in each state is responsible for state based incentives, registration and auditing of apprenticeships. They are responsible for registrations, suspensions, cancellations and early completions via the Apprenticeship Network Providers.
  • Employer provides paid employment under an appropriate industrial arrangement like an award or enterprise agreement.
  • Australian Government offers incentives to encourage the invest in business, staff and community. The planned outcome is to increase the number of skilled or training employment opportunities in the Australian economy. The Department of Education and Training is responsible for Australian Apprenticeship development and implementation and associated Vocational Education and Training.
  • Australian Government Job Services Australia (JSA’s) assists is job readiness and job hunting activities including apprenticeship positions.
  • Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) consistent quality training and assessment services for vocation education and training systems.
  • Group Training Organisations (GTO’s) employee apprentices and hire them out to businesses on a short or long term basis. GTO take on the contractual and administrative responsibility of the employer their services include, recruitment, payroll services and pre-apprenticeship skill development.
  • Secondary Schools offer school based apprenticeships
  • Peak Bodies such as industry skills councils and employer and employee associations are responsible for development of qualification frameworks for specific industries.
Difference between Apprenticeship and Traineeship
Traineeship 1-2 years Business, Retail, Community Health, Childcare, Financial Services and many more
Apprenticeship 3-4 years Building and Construction, Horticulture, Automotive, Cooking, Engineering, Manufacturing and many more

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