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The over 45s

Mature aged workers can add value to your business through low absenteeism, committed loyalty, business knowledge from their previous life experience and a strong work ethic.

By assisting a mature aged worker (a person over the age of 45) to re-enter the workforce, transfer industries and train for a new vocation through an Australian Apprenticeship, employers may be eligible for a special $750 Mature Aged Worker Commencement Wage Subsidy* and, upon successful completion of the qualification, a $750 Mature Aged Worker Completion Wage Subsidy*.

*The Australian Apprentice must meet basic eligibility criteria for Australian Government incentives and must be aged 45 years or older and deemed ‘disadvantaged’ immediately prior to commencing the Australian Apprenticeship, meaning:

receiving specific income support from Centrelink or
Department of Veterans Affairs or
was not in the paid workforce for minimum of three years or
was in receipt of Intensive Support or
had been made redundant within the last year from work.

* Subject to the Australian Apprentice not having previously been eligible for the Mature Aged Worker Australian Apprenticeships incentive.

The over 25s

Australian Apprentices aged 25 and over undertaking a Certificate III or IV level qualification that leads to an occupation on the National Skills Needs List (NSNL) may be eligible to attract the Support for Adult Australian Apprentices (SAAA) incentive for their employer.

Providing the Australian Apprentice is being paid above the national minimum wage the employer may be eligible to receive a one-off payment of $4,000 payable 12 months from the commencement of the Australian Apprenticeship.

Please note
All the incentives listed are subject to change and eligibility criteria apply. Information above is provided as a guide only.

Give young people a head start in a career – while they are still at school

The challenge facing school leavers is that they are at a disadvantage to job seekers with work experience. But how do they gain experience or industry knowledge if no-one will give them a job or work experience?

It’s a Catch 22.

The answer is: Australian School-based Apprenticeships (AS-bAs).

You can give a young person both experience and skills training while they are still at school. Australian School-based Apprenticeships provide students with the opportunity to commence vocational learning and part-time paid employment whilst still at school.

These AS-bAs, otherwise known as school-based traineeships or apprenticeships, enable students to obtain a nationally recognised qualification as well as points towards their senior certificate.

You can give them a head start on a career and you may be eligible for financial incentives.

Australian School-based Apprentices are considered by government to have Nominated Equity Group status.

Employer Incentive type Certificate II  Certificate
Commencement  $1,250.00  $ 1,500.00
Completion  Nil  $ 2,500.00
Recommencement  Nil  $750
Special additional incentives paid to employers – AS-bA Commencement  $750
Special additional incentives paid to employers – AS-bA Retention $750

Please note
All the incentives listed are subject to change and eligibility criteria apply. Information above is provided as a guide only.

People with a disability have a good chance of joining the workforce if they enter through an Australian Apprenticeship.

As the employer, you could have the dedication, commitment and enthusiasm of a truly valuable employee.

MEGT can assist employers to access Australian Government funding, wage support, workplace alterations, mentoring, tutorial or interpreting tutorial or interpreting services (subject to eligibility criteria).

Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Support (DAAWS) is payable to employers as an alternative to the standard incentives.

Workplace Modifications Scheme

The Workplace Modifications Scheme aims to encourage and support the employment of people with a disability
reimbursing employers for the cost of Workplace Modifications and equipment where needed.

For further information, please contact JobAccess on 1800 464 800.  JobAccess is an information and advice service funded by the Australian Government. It offers help and workplace solutions for people with disability and their employers. JobAccess is an initiative of the Australian Government to support the employment of people with disability.

Standard Commonwealth incentives
 Certificate III/IV commencement: $1,500
 Certificate III/IV recommencement: $750
 Certificate III/IV completion: $2,500
 Part-time Apprenticeships Certificate III/IV completion
: $1,500 only
Australian Apprentice Support paid to the trainer (RTO)
$38.50 per hour (capped at up to $5,500 per year) for the following services:
Tutorial Assistance – additional assistance provided by a tutor
Mentor Assistance – supports organisational/personal issues that may impact on training
Interpreter Assistance – generally provided for people with a visual or hearing impairment.
DAAWS (Employer Wage Support)
$104.30 per week Wage Support paid to the employer

The Tutorial, Mentor and Interpreter Assistance for Australian Apprentices with a disability are payable only to the Registered Training Organisation who delivers the training. Australian Apprentices with a disability may attract these forms of assistance providing DAAWS eligibility is met regardless of the employer receiving the wage support.

Please note

All the incentives listed are subject to change and eligibility criteria apply. Information above is provided as a guide only.

Please contact MEGT on 13 MEGT (13 6348) to determine the eligibility of your business for these government incentives.

An Australian Apprenticeship is an excellent way for Indigenous Australians to start a career.

Making the choice to employ an Indigenous Australian may:

  • showcase your business as a socially conscious community leader
  • develop and strengthen a sense of community
  • close the employment gap for Indigenous Australians to engage in sustainable and ongoing employment and stimulate the local economy
  • achieve diversity at work that promotes better cultural understanding among all Australians
  • enrich the lives of everyone in your workplace.



Financial incentives

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