Registered Training Organisations


An RTO may be a public organisation or private organisation. An employer may also apply to become an RTO. RTOs must adhere to nationally consistent standards. Their performance is audited by State or Territory Governments. RTOs may deliver training outside of Australian Apprenticeships, such as ‘fee for service’ courses, ‘pre-apprenticeships’ programs or higher level courses that articulate into tertiary study.

RTOs participate in the development of an individual Training Plan for an Australian Apprentice, along with the employer and Australian Apprentice. The Training Plan details the units of competency to be completed to obtain a qualification. The units must be selected on the basis of the packaging rules set out in the Training Package.

People undertaking a qualification have the opportunity to have their current skills, knowledge and experiences recognised formally, without having to undergo unnecessary training if they are already competent. This is known as a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment which is conducted by an RTO.

RTOs also conduct Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) assessments where a person who has already completed some formal training in the relevant field gains ‘credit’ and does not have to repeat the training.

RTOs provide the teaching and often the teaching materials required to take Australian Apprenticeships through the Training Plan. The RTO can provide training in a combination of ways such as ‘on campus’, in the workplace, or by ‘distance education’.

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RTOs must keep in contact with employers to maximise the level of integration of the training with the Australian Apprentice’s duties in the workplace.

The RTO is responsible for assessing or validating that the Australian Apprentice is competent in the units set out in the Training Plan. The RTO issues a certificate to Australian Apprentices who successfully complete the requirements of the qualification.

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MEGT Apprenticeship Network Provider is contracted by the Australian government to provide employers with free administrative support and advice concerning their Australian Apprenticeships and monitor the Australian Apprentices’ progress.

✔ We provide a free service in helping you source the most appropriate training provider anywhere in Australia and for any type of apprenticeship or traineeship by providing a list of ALL appropriate providers. This is the User Choice service where you can choose the Registered Training Organisation.

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