Elise is a winner!

Elise is a winner!

  • Published on Friday 5 September, 2014
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MEGT trainee wins award

MEGT is thrilled to announce our trainee in Hobart, Elise Romaszko has won the Equity Vocational Student of
the Year for 2014.

And Elise Jolly, an MEGT trainee working with Glenview Community Services, has won the Lance Barnard Memorial Awards.

MEGT is pleased and proud that Elise Romaszko, our admin trainee in the MEGT Hobart office has won the Equity Trainee Award in the Tasmanian Training Awards.

Mel Thurstans has been training and supporting Elise for the past 4 years, commencing Elise in a traineeship in 2013 and delivering her training.

Elise Romasko wins Tasmanian Training Award

Following are excerpts from Elise’s nomination:

” When I was accepted by MEGT I was given a real job in an office. We had to learn together. I needed some help with time management. Structures and routines help me set priorities to make sure I get tasks done on time. It is fantastic having a real job, being part of a team and making a real contribution. I really enjoy learning about my work.

“In 2013 I commenced a Certificate II in Business traineeship: I was very excited by that fantastic idea. Everyone said yes so I begun to work an extra morning at MEGT.

“I am now undertaking training in Certificate II in Business. My training is about my work and it helps me understand more about my work. I am learning new skills so I am getting even better at my work and more confident. The two units I have successfully completed so far are Workplace Heath and Safety and Handle Mail. When I achieve my Certificate II in Business, my goal is to be better at my job and be more productive, efficient and perhaps be able to get more tasks to do and more hours of work.

“As I try hard to do this then I hope I am also being a good example for others. I hope I am also a good example for what can be achieved by employers like MEGT and that this encourages other employers to give jobs and training to young people with disabilities. I think MEGT has helped me a lot, I am grateful.

“My last goal is for them to tell others that, if they can make it happen for me and their company, then maybe other employers can make it happen for other young people in Tasmania.”