Dylan’s world-class skills makes him a top tradie

Dylan’s world-class skills makes him a top tradie

  • Published on Friday 11 September, 2015
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Dylan Di Martino, an MEGT apprentice, recently won the Bronze in the Plumbing & Heating category, for representing Australia at the 2015 WorldSkills Competition in Brazil. The WorldSkills Competition takes place every 2 years with 59 countries turning out to compete across 50 skill categories – that’s no small task!

The competition colloquially referred to as the Tradies’ Olympics, judges young trades people in diverse fields. Dylan says he entered regional competitions in 2013 with no expectation of making it this far.

Dylan’s long family history of excellence in his trade has inspired a strong passion for his industry. His dad has been a plumber for almost 40 years and self-employed for over 30 of them. So, it comes as no surprise that plumbing became a part of Dylan’s life very early on. He first got involved with plumbing in primary school working with his father on weekends and school holidays.  After completing year 12 Dylan began his formal apprenticeship.

What he enjoys most about his job?

Dylan says he enjoys standing back after completing a task and seeing the results of what he has created. “It’s always satisfying to have worked and thought hard about all the aspects of a particular task I have to complete then to be able to see it all come together, as it brings me a sense of achievement.”

Dylan at the WorldSkills competition

Would he recommend Plumbing as a trade to others?

Dylan definitely recommends Plumbing as a trade providing it’s what they really want to do. He believes that to achieve the best you need to be passionate and proud of what you do. Plumbing is definitely not for everyone, but those who choose to pursue a prosperous career will often flourish in a success.

He has without a doubt done Australia proud on the world stage. We wish him all the best for his future!

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