Don’t try to clone yourself! Employ an apprentice.

Don’t try to clone yourself! Employ an apprentice.

  • Published on Friday 3 July, 2015
  • 4 min. to read


You’ve probably worked very hard to build up your own customer base. While you do that you also have to keep an eye out for new jobs and assignments. And if you don’t have a partner or bookkeeper to do the books for you, then you have to do that too.

Here are some tips on how to grow the business without cloning yourself.

Need help?

You need an extra pair of hands so you have time to build your business and take on more work. You can take on an apprentice in one of two ways.

  • You can advertise and recruit one yourself and employ them yourself (direct employment) or
  • you could host an apprentice of your choice from a Group Training company such as MEGT for the period of time you have work for them.
What you need to do to directly employ an apprentice

✔ Write a job description
✔ Plan workload, timing and training
✔ Determine who will supervise and what support you’ll provide
✔ Write an ad
✔ Advertise
✔ Review the applicants and shortlist
✔ Interview
✔ Start the apprenticeship process:

 Decide on which trade training provider your apprentice will go to.
✔ Contact MEGT as soon as you can after you employ the apprentice.
✔ Demonstrate that a suitably qualified person will be supervising the Australian Apprentice and that the on-the-job training you provide will enable the Australian Apprentice to become a competent worker.
✔ Provide employment for the minimum hours per week in accordance with the individual State requirement.
✔ Provide a safe place for the apprentice to work and show that you understand and carry out occupational health and safety practices.
Allow your apprentice to attend the off-the-job training during normal working hours (this is paid time) where this applies.
✔ Allow the RTO access to your apprentice for training and assessment during normal work hours.
✔ Meet legal obligations.
✔ Ensure a WorkCover policy exists.
✔ Pay the agreed wage and inform your apprentice of the terms and conditions of employment under the relevant Award.
✔ Provide detailed pay slips.
✔ Arrange for superannuation payments for your apprentice.
✔ Adhere to the provisions of Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination legislation, and not permit apprentices to be verbally, physically, or sexually harassed in the workplace.

The end?

Remember what it was like when you first started your apprenticeship. Your new apprentice will be anxious to please, unsure about what they have to do and will look to you for mentoring as well as training. If you are a first-time manager, it’s worth finding out about how to be a good leader and be the best manager you can be. Your future business will rely on it.