The Clubhouse Skills Program – first inspiring graduate

The Clubhouse Skills Program – first inspiring graduate

  • Published on Wednesday 26 March, 2014
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A unique partnership between Eureka Clubhouse (a division of Colony 47), MEGT Institute and Skills Tasmania has provided 12 Tasmanians with mental health experiences the opportunity to achieve a milestone: a vocational qualification that is recognised nationally and competence in workplace skills.

The Clubhouse Skills Program is an interactive supported program that delivers Certificate I in Hospitality and Certificate I in Business to students in the familiar Clubhouse environment.

The training program:

  • opens up access to education and skills training for students with mental health experiences
  • identifies, manages and minimises the barriers to education
  • develops, supports and retains students with mental health experiences in training
  • opens up improved life and work opportunities.

This model is powerful with students continually developing quality skills and knowledge as they dedicate time and effort to their studies. One hospitality student, Mina tackled the program head on: “At the beginning I thought it would be easy because I have been cooking for so long and I have been a cleaner for 6 years.

“Soon after we started studying I realised how much more I needed to learn. After two weeks of studying I felt stressed especially about technical terms (I don’t want to bore you) but words like abrasives and so on are difficult to memorise. Soon the dictionary became my best friend. I decided to make a new strategy by studying at home for 2 to 4 hours per day.”

This strategy proved highly successful as Mina became the first graduate with a Certificate I in Hospitality after only 7 months.

The Clubhouse Skills Program, funded by Skills Tasmania, is an outstanding success with results exceeding expectations for all students, most notably building confidence and independence.

Mina’s personal achievements are inspiring ‘Everyone should take on education and break the stigma about mental illness by proving that you can successfully obtain education and anything you set your mind to. I achieved my goal and I feel very proud that I obtained my certificate and gained knowledge and skills that will help me in my future endeavours.”

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