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When you register for MEGT’s Career Hub as an employer or job seeker, not only do you get access to our dedicated apprenticeship and traineeship job board, you’ll also get support from a team of experts who are on hand and ready to help you achieve your hiring or employment goals.


With online aptitude testing and a career quiz, employer and job seeker templates and resources, plus the ability to post, browse, search and apply for jobs, finding the right fit for your business or your career is easy with MEGT – your local apprenticeship experts.rt

Need a new apprentice or trainee?

Register on our FREE Career Hub today to post unlimited job ads and receive applications straight to your Career Hub employer dashboard. PLUS you’ll also gain access to all the tools and assistance you need to find the right fit for your team!

What you’ll get:

Employer Toolkit

Our comprehensive Employer Toolkit contains tips and guidance to help you:



Write an effective and appealing job ad and position description


Screen and shortlist candidates

develop interview questions

Develop interview questions


Conduct interviews


Sign up, onboard and induct your new apprentice or trainee

Aptitude Test Results

When a job seeker completes an aptitude test through Career Hub, their results will automatically be included with their job application. This means you’ll be able to get a better idea of your candidates’ strengths, areas for improvement and suitability for your role.

Career Hub Team

When you register for Career Hub, you’ll also get access to a team of experts who are on hand to help you write and post job ads, give you tips on how to screen and interview candidates, and guide you through the next steps once you’ve found the right fit.

Sign-up and ongoing support

We’re not just here to help with hiring. Once you’ve decided on the successful candidate, your local apprenticeship expert at MEGT will:

number 1

Sign-up your new apprentice or trainee and register their Training Contract with the relevant State Training Authority

number 2

Help you choose the right Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to deliver formal training

number 3

Provide ongoing contact, mentoring and support every step of the way

number 4

Assist with checking your eligibility and claiming Government incentives that may be available throughout the apprenticeship or traineeship

Find your next apprentice or trainee

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Job Seekers

So, you’re thinking about becoming an apprentice or trainee?


If you need a hand figuring out if you’ve got what it takes or with finding the right opportunity, our Career Hub Team is here to help!

Register for Career Hub today and get access to all the tools and assistance you need to take the next step in your career. PLUS once you know where you’re heading, you can browse and apply for jobs posted on our dedicated apprenticeship and traineeship job board.

What you’ll get:

Help to find the right career path

When you first register for MEGT’s Career Hub, there are two easy things you can do to narrow down your career options AND get ahead of your competition.

Aptitude tests

Our online aptitude tests are the perfect way to get a better idea of your strengths and any areas for improvement. They are also a great way to boost your profile to potential employers as your results will automatically be included with any job applications you submit. Potential employers LOVE seeing these because it shows them what you’re made of – something they can’t get from just any old job application!

Career quiz

Take our online career quiz and we’ll give you a shortlist of recommended occupations based on your interests. You can then use these recommendations to narrow down your searches and help you get on the right track.

Career Hub Team and Job Seeker Toolkit

So, you’ve completed our aptitude tests and career quiz. You’ve got a better idea of where you’re headed. What next?


Our Career Hub Team is here to help you find your way around Career Hub and browse and apply for jobs. They can also chat with you about your options and answer any questions you might have about becoming an apprentice or trainee.


Our comprehensive Job Seeker Toolkit also has tips and guidance including:

Employability skills


Job hunting tips


Interview tips


Writing effective job applications


Downloadable resume template


Downloadable cover letter template

Sign-up and ongoing support

Don’t worry, we won’t forget about you once you’ve found a job! Once you’ve started your new apprenticeship or traineeship, let your employer know to give us a call so we can make it official by:

number 1

Signing you up as an apprentice or trainee and registering your Training Contract with the relevant State Training Authority

number 2

Helping you understand how formal training works

number 3

Assisting with Government incentives and personal benefits that may be available throughout your apprenticeship or traineeship

number 4

Providing ongoing support and mentoring along the way

Get on the right path

Click here to visit Career Hub online or call us on 1300 562 482

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