Boost your productivity as a tradie

Boost your productivity as a tradie

  • Published on Wednesday 27 May, 2015
  • 3 min. to read


Are you a business owner who spends a better part of your evenings and weekends completing paperwork and sending out invoices?

Many small and medium businesses in the trades end up spending far too long performing tasks that bear little or no relation to the core process of the service that their business actually offers.

To stay on top of client demands, here are four ways to boost productivity while on a job:

Embrace mobile technology

Smart phones may seem like a very expensive liability for trades’ people whose mobile phones are at constant risk of damage, but they are also great productivity tools. Not only can the increased communication make it easy to keep in contact with your colleagues and clients’, having a permanent internet connection makes it easy to order spare parts from anywhere. Check out some useful apps here.

Track your daily activities

Start keeping track of how your day is being spent. Keeping a simple log of the hours spent on each activity will give you a good idea on how many hours of your time are actually being spent on productively.

Take safety seriously

While some people might think keeping a workplace productive means cutting corners on safety, the truth is quite different. Staying safe on the job can make a big difference to your productivity, as fewer injuries mean less time spent off work. Even a small reduction in the number of accidents you or your employees experience can have a huge impact on overall productivity.


Spending hours a month doing your books and GST? Or are you missing opportunities to bring in new business because you’re too busy dealing with processing, paying and managing your apprentices and trainee wages?

MEGT Australia can help by providing expertly recruited trainees, while we take care of wages, superannuation reports and tax. Investing in recruitment now can make a huge impact down the line in areas such as retention, skills competence and readiness for promotion. Connect with us or call 136963

Tips for hiring the right apprentice

Offering an apprenticeship could be one of the most rewarding things you do, not only from a business perspective but from a personal perspective as well. Apprentices and trainees can