Body Stressors

Body Stressors

  • Published on Monday 19 October, 2015
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Ergonomics & Manual Handling

Great reasons to be healthy and to be safe.
Body stressing injuries accounted for 41% of Australian Workcover claims last year.

What is a body stress injury?

Body stressing injuries usually occur from conducting a range of manual tasks every day, repetitive movements or poor posture.
Body stressing injuries usually present as muscle aches, pains and strains, back conditions or tendonitis.

How can you make a difference?

The risk of body stressing injuries is higher in instances where you are lifting, carrying or performing repetitive movements over extended periods of time, without adequate rest breaks or rotation between your duties. They can also be caused by poorly set-up workstations, ineffective safety and training, faulty equipment and procedures.

You can:

  • Ensure your workspace and job site is compliant with all safety regulations, if you think something may not be correct report it directly to your supervisor or HSR.
  • Undertake all training and adopt those techniques recommended in the training.
  • Comply with safe work procedures.
  • Pay attention to any pain or strains you feel, if you identify ongoing pain report it to your supervisor.
  • In the event of continued symptoms, consult with your doctor for medical advice and the MEGT People & Safety team – Ph: 03 9871 6065
  • Take care of yourself. Make sure you lift and carry correctly, take regular breaks, wear correct clothing and use equipment designed to help you work safely.

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