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Apprenticeship Network Providers are contracted by the Australian Government to offer a free service to apprentices, trainees and employers to assist them with the sign-up, administration and management of apprenticeships and traineeships. MEGT is an appointed Apprenticeship Network Provider acting as your local expert in apprenticeship servicing and support. MEGT provides a free Australia-wide service using locally based MEGT personnel, with local knowledge.

As an Apprenticeship Network Provider MEGT helps you and your employer:

  • with the administration and sign-up process,
  • with information about your obligations as an apprentice or trainee,
  • by processing your personal benefits, Trade Support Loans and employer incentives,
  • by contacting you during your apprenticeship or traineeship to see how you are progressing,
  • by providing ongoing support throughout your apprenticeship or traineeship, and
  • by offering you help if you need it.

MEGT – Your local apprenticeship experts

As part of Government initiatives to increase the number of people completing their apprenticeships, the level of service to employers and apprentices will increase to include:

1. Universal Services

These services are currently provided to all apprentices, trainees and employers including:

    • marketing, providing information and advice
    • sign-up, contact through your apprenticeship to make sure you’re tracking ok and
    • processing of claims for any personal benefits from the Government you may be eligible for, such as Living Away from Home Allowance (LAFHA) and
    • assessing your eligibility to apply for Trade Support Loans (TSL).

2. Targeted Services

These services are available to those people identified by MEGT who need a helping hand to complete their apprenticeship.

The first of these services is available at the entry point (‘Career Hub’) prior to the apprenticeship and remainder during the course of the apprenticeship (‘In-training’).

The ‘Career Hub’ services work to match the right person to the right apprenticeship. It also helps those who may not suit an apprenticeship by giving them information about other alternatives career paths they could follow.

All job-seekers and employers are eligible for this FREE service.

‘In-training’ services are tailored to the individual who has already commenced their apprenticeship and could include:

  • mentoring, pastoral care, advice and information on additional training e.g. language, literacy and numeracy
  • advice and guidance on specialised support options e.g. counselling, and
  • working with State Training Authorities (STAs) regarding workplace issues, dispute resolution or regulatory matters.

To see if you are eligible for these services, contact your local MEGT office.

From 1 July 2015 Government Incentives and Personal Benefits Claim Forms will be electronic Claim SmartForms sent via email to claimants.  Therefore:

  • Employersupdate your email to enable processing of any Government incentives you are eligible for.
  • Apprentices and traineesupdate your email to enable processing of any personal benefits you are eligible to receive from the Government.

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