Apprentice & Vocational Student, Finalists 2013

Apprentice & Vocational Student, Finalists 2013

  • Published on Friday 9 August, 2013
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We are proud to tell you of the achievements of two more special people selected as finalists in the following 2 categories of the 2013 Tasmanian Training Awards:

  • Simone Cooper – Apprentice of the Year, and
  • Kerry Kievet – Vocational Student of the Year

Earlier, we told how 9 finalists in the 2013 Tasmania Training Awards will be representing MEGT Institute at the September function at which winners will be announced. More blog entries, to come, will present other students who are MEGT’s finalists in the Tasmanian Training Awards.

Simone Cooper, Apprentice of the Year finalist and author of Tasmanian Menu.

Simone Cooper has successfully completed Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) with MEGT Institute, as a mature-age apprentice. She started down the hospitality path in her youth, in Tasmania, preparing food for large family gatherings, dinner parties and barbeques.

Simone was inspired to begin a cooking apprenticeship at age 22, following involvement with family restaurants and a brother who was a chef.

After completing a year of her apprenticeship, marriage and a move to Queensland interrupted her culinary career. In the Sunshine state, Simone devoted herself to motherhood and a photography business while studying nutrition and natural therapies.

Then, at age 37, Simone undertook a labour of love: researching, writing and self publishing a well-received cookbook, Tasmanian Menu. During her time travelling Tasmania marketing her book, she was given an opportunity to complete her much delayed apprenticeship.

Simone credits integrated “on-the-job training at the Signal Station Brasserie, Mt Nelson, regular visits and support by her MEGT Institute trainer” as helping her achieve her goal.

Simone is now employed at the Athenaeum Club.


Kerry Kievet – Vocational Student of the Year finalist

Kerry Kievet, a mature age student, recently completed Certificate IV in Hospitality on-the-job with MEGT Institute.

Kerry has worked her way up to the role of Assistant Manager at the busy, award-winning Stanley Seaview Inn in Tasmania’s beautiful north west coast.

During the course of her training Kerry has received promotions which, she says, “…were a direct result of the knowledge and skills I gained through my study”.

When she started working at the Inn as a housekeeper on a casual basis, Kerry, was undertaking a university degree part time. But, in 2003, her husband suffered a debilitating injury which left him unable to work. She had to increase her working hours and leave university to support her family. Kerry enrolled in Certificate III in Hospitality, completing on-the-job training and assessment in 2004 with (what is now) MEGT Institute.

Unfortunately in 2006 Kerry was faced with a problem which, she says, “…reinforced the need to upgrade my skills and knowledge to continue working in the hospitality industry.

“In 2009, my employer offered me the opportunity to enrol in Certificate IV in Hospitality, with MEGT Institute. …My trainer Robyn Tate provided one-on-one assistance and support throughout the entire time I was studying.”

We wish Simone and Kerry all the best.