Reasons to consider an adult apprentice for your next role

Reasons to consider an adult apprentice for your next role

  • Published on Wednesday 28 September, 2016
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When you think about hiring an apprentice or trainee, your first thought is probably to look for someone ready for their first job out of school – but have you considered hiring an adult or mature-aged apprentice?

There are some very good reasons why you should but first things first…

What is an adult or mature-aged apprentice?

When it comes to wages and incentives, an adult apprentice is a worker who is 21 years or older when they start their apprenticeship and a mature-aged apprentice is 45 years or older.

Adult and mature-aged apprentices or trainees are generally looking for to formalise their skills, to change career or to re-enter the workforce.

Why consider an adult or mature-aged apprentice?

Experience + independence = productivity

Adult or mature-aged apprentices and trainees have been working for most of their lives so they have a wide range of workplace skills and experience they can bring to your team. This means they are generally easier to train and require less supervision, making them immediately productive in the workplace with significantly less time and effort needing to be invested by you.

A worker with more life and work experience will also usually be more reliable. Many have started families and bought homes and are looking to gain a qualification they know will provide income and long-term security for them and their family.

Lastly, these employees also tend to have a more positive attitude when faced with challenges – after all, there’s not much they haven’t already seen or done!

Financial incentives

It’s no secret that older apprentices get paid a higher rate than younger apprentices but this doesn’t have to mean a financial loss to your company.

As well as the return on investment that their immediate productivity provides, there are also Australian Government incentives available to employers who hire eligible workers, including the Support for Adult Australian Apprentices and Mature Age Wage Subsidy incentives.

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