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MEGT provides employers with strategic guidance, performance improvement solutions, actionable insights, consulting expertise and talent development services to maximise your workforce investment, regardless of your company size.

The mission of MEGT is to provide a forum where business, personnel, education, government, community based organisations and other stakeholders work together to increase their collective capacity to address the supply and demand challenges confronting the workforce.

We believe the heart of business success lies with your greatest asset – the people you employ.

With over 50 locations nationally and 600+ employees, MEGT has the expertise to measure the value of your talent pool and to make tailored, short and long term investment plans in upskilling and enhancing your human capital.

Operating at the forefront of workforce development across government and commercial sectors, as an established and trustworthy facilitator MEGT offers you 30 plus years of experience in analyzing business needs and defining people resource demands. Our holistic approach ensures findings are delivered in transparent workable measures setting tangible benchmarks, pinned for growth and economic success.

From local community to federal reach, MEGT is positioned to orchestrate key bridging support from an enviable network of ‘solution’ driven partners.

Business Success with MEGT

Our Services

To achieve your workforce objectives MEGT offers bespoke integrated features including:

Recruitment Management Services

Apprentice & Staff Recruitment; Apprenticeship Guidance & Support; Employee Mentoring; Payroll and Group Training services, Indigenous Employment & Policy Implementation.


Qualified Diplomas and Certification Courses; Short Courses; Professional Development; Leadership Skills; Accredited On-the-job Training; Mobile Training; VET FEE-HELP; English Language Tuition; International Relocation Assistance; Cultural Assimilation.

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network

Apprenticeship Facilitation, Administration & Registration; Government Employer Incentives; Fast Claim Service; Field Rep Mentoring; Job Match to Site Recommendations; Onsite Sign Ups.

Workforce training

Apprenticeships; Traineeships; Group Training; Careers Employment & Recruitment; Business Support HR Administration.


We are proud to service some of Australia’s largest and smallest businesses and have the capability to do so.


  • Footprint of over 50 locations
  • National and State Legislative Knowledge
  • Local expert focus
  • Local mobile consultants and trainers
  • Right job matching
  • Business building and support

The MEGT network is vast, our partnerships and stakeholder engagement puts us in a position of knowledge to deliver for our customers.


  • National businesses
  • Small and Medium businesses
  • Local and State Government


  • Business Administration
  • Building and Construction
  • Electro-technology
  • Retailing


  • MEGT Apprenticeship Network Provider
  • MEGT Recruitment and Management Services
  • MEGT Indigenous Apprenticeship and Traineeship Network
  • MEGT Education
  • Workforce Planning Australia
  • MEGT United Kingdom


Our offices are located across Australia in QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, SA,WA and TAS.

MEGT history

MEGT (Australia) Ltd (MEGT) is an Australian not-for-profit organisation and is driven by strong, people-centred values.

The organisation seeks positive change and innovative solutions in the areas of employment, training and education and is committed to being Australia’s leading training and support services provider.

MEGT acknowledges the differing requirements of both its community and commercial obligations.

MEGT (Australia) Ltd is our trading name and is no longer an acronym, in the same way the BHP Billiton, Qantas and NAB trading names have evolved. So when people ask, what does MEGT stand for, we talk about our proud history, starting in 1982 in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria as a Group Training Organisation named Outer East Group Training. As the organisation grew, the name changed to Melbourne East Group Training. Services expanded to deliver vocational training, Job Network, Job Placement and Australian Apprenticeships Support Services. Offices were established to support the whole of Victoria, NSW and today, right around Australia. There are currently OVER 70 offices in every state of Australia, the ACT and the UK.

The MEGT name is recognised as an Australian leader in employment, education and training, apprenticeships and traineeships. In short, we support employment skills.

We keep the name MEGT (Australia) Ltd to recognise our heritage and community links and remind us that local people in local offices are the core of our existence. Wherever you are in Australia, we have people with local knowledge able to respond to you in person.

That’s why we are big enough support you, yet small enough to know you.

What's different about MEGT

  • We provide a greater range of employment and training options.
  • We are better able to suit employers’ varying needs .
  • We provide superior support with industry specific staff .
  • We have more local offices, employing local people with local knowledge for personal support .
  • We provide fast access to critical information using superior technological facilities and infrastructure.

Vision and values


Providing training, education and employment services that make a positive difference.


Through commitment to our people, culture and community, we lead the way in providing value to our apprentices, trainees, students, employers and other stakeholders. We provide quality and innovative services in a safe environment.


To ensure our values reflect the organisation’s commitment to facilitating quality outcomes.

  • Excellence and safety in everything we do.
  • Teamwork is the key to achieving our goals.
  • Holistic collaboration with our partners and the community benefits us all.
  • Integrity and Sincerity; with these we deliver what we promise
  • Commercial Viability provides the opportunity for us to give back to our staff and our community.
  • Social responsibility is reflected in our goal to improve the communities in which we operate.


Contact us

MEGT Customer Service: 13 6963
Education, Recruitment & Group Training of Apprentices and Trainees, Workforce Consulting, Payroll Services.

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network:
Call to sign on an apprentice
13 MEGT (13 6348)

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