What is Group Training?

The ‘Group Training’ scheme was established in the 1980s as a way to ensure the continuation of employment of apprentices and trainees during the recession. A Group Training Company employs apprentices and trainees and places them with host employers under an agreement to enable the apprentice/trainee to attain the on job skills associated with their vocation. A Group Training Company is able to ‘rotate’ an apprentice/trainee to alternate organisations where:

  • work at the current organisation runs out or
  • they cannot be taught on-the-job some of the skills required at only one particular host employer to attain their qualification.

If you are looking at starting your career, an apprenticeship or traineeship is a great way to get training and skills while you are working. Because MEGT is your legal employer you have someone looking out for your interests at all times.

MEGT Group Training employs Australian Apprentices and hires them out to different businesses on a short or long-term basis. MEGT takes on the contractual and administrative responsibilities of the employer (the payment of wages and superannuation for example), and also participate in the recruitment of Australian Apprentices and often ‘pre-apprenticeships’ skills development training.

  • We ensure you are safe in the workplace.
  • We provide you with pre-employment training including Occupational Health & Safety.
  • You are assigned a Field Officer who monitors your training and your work and is your point of contact if you have any concerns.
  • If you wish to move or your employer does not have enough work for you, MEGT Group Training will attempt to find an alternative host employer for you.

MEGT Group Training complies with the National Standards for Group Training Organisations.

How it works

1. For those wishing to start a career as an apprentice or trainee with MEGT Group Training, the first step is to look at jobs available on www.megt.com.au/jobs and submit your application for the job you are interested in. (If you are still at school – see the section on Australian School-based Apprenticeships.)


2. Successful candidates are interviewed by both MEGT Group Training and the host employer.

Work ready

3. MEGT recruits the successful trainee or apprentice and provides them with appropriate workplace clothing or equipment in order to start work.

4. During the probation period MEGT provides pre-employment training and conducts a workplace assessment.


5. MEGT enrols you in, monitors and manages your training with the appropriate RTO. This training could either be done in your workplace or in a classroom.

6. Before you start work, MEGT provides you with pre-employment training including Occupational Health and Safety.

Assistance in the workplace

7. We organise and monitor the training delivery.

8. MEGT monitors you on-site once every three months and by phone in between.


9. MEGT Group Training pays you weekly and invoices the host employer weekly or monthly. The host employer only pays for the time that you work with them. We manage all administration and payments including superannuation, salary and WorkCover levy payments.

10. We pay the employee wages on a weekly basis, according to the specific requirements of your industry and manage all WorkCover claims and processes plus all other entitlements such as superannuation, tax and workplace insurance.


11. Should the host employer find there is not enough work for you during the course of your indenture, or if it is in your best interests to gain a variety of workplace experiences, MEGT Group Training will endeavour to place you with another, suitable host employer.

Finish here

12. When you are deemed to be competent and have qualified, then you are ready for full-time employment. Or you could go on to study higher qualifications in order to make yourself even more attractive as an employee.


You will be paid by MEGT Group Training under either a Trade Apprentice Award or the National Training Wage. The State Government will pay for the bulk of your training costs for your apprenticeship or traineeship so long as you are a new employee to the business.

How much you earn depends on the industry you are in, the job you are doing and which industrial arrangement you come under:

  • an Industry Award
  • an Individual Transitional Employment Agreement
  • a Certified Agreement
  • a State or Territory approved contract of employment.

Contact the Fair Work infoline as part of the Fair Work Ombudsman on 13 13 94 for up-to-date information on workplace rights, rules and pay.

Available jobs

MEGT Group Training provides jobs for apprentices and trainees in many different areas of work. The main industry sectors we work in are:

  • Business Services
  • Building and Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Automotive
  • Engineering.

We provide opportunities in a large number of other work situations as well. So call us to find out if we can help you step into a new career – using the safety and security of MEGT Group Training. Watch video of induction.

In some states of Australia, MEGT Group Training also provides school-based trainees with a job, with real pay and work skills at the same time the student is completing their secondary schooling. Watch video about school-based traineeships or find out more on the Still at school? page.

MEGT Group Training jobs are advertised online. 

Getting started

Getting started You’ve started your Australian Apprenticeship (your traineeship or apprenticeship) with your new employer. And you have signed your Training Contract within the first two weeks of your employment.

Need personal help?

Can we help you with your apprenticeship? We may be able to offer you mentoring support or just have a chat to help you work through things – at no charge.

Need help? Call us at 13 6963 or email us at info@megt.com.au

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