ABILITY students test out their new skills

ABILITY students test out their new skills

  • Published on Monday 20 June, 2016
  • 1 min. to read


At MEGT’s English language school, ABILITY English, students don’t just learn a new language. With the Survivor English course, they also learn how to feel confident speaking English in everyday situations.

Survivor English is a unique course that was designed by ABILITY to give students the opportunity to control challenging real-life situations. Students get to practise common communication with English speakers in a variety of environments to gain confidence and experience.

On 19 May, over 100 students attended the latest Survivor English event – a market held at ABILITY’s Sydney campus. The event let students test out their new skills and confidence by being able to buy and sell products, get their hair cut, use the photo booth, as well as eat, drink and of course socialise!

The two-hour event was organised by ten Survivor English students, and great feedback was received from the students who attended.

Well done to the ABILITY and Survivor English team!

Find out more about the Survivor English course here.

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