SA Cyber Security Traineeship Program

Cybersecurity Programme

In collaboration with the South Australian Government, MEGT’s Cyber Security Traineeship will equip your employees with in-demand skills of the future.

The South Australian Government will fully fund the course under its’ Skilling South Australia intiative.

  • What’s covered?

    As part of the Cyber Security Traineeship, your employees will complete a Certificate IV in Cyber Security through a Nominated Training Organisation (NTO). The course is available online, in-person, or a mixture of both.

    Both new and existing employees have up to two years to complete the course. Existing employees may be able to receive recognition for workplace learning, letting them focus on the skills they need and therefore complete the course more quickly.

    Throughout their training, your employee will gain in-demand skills, including:

    • System testing.
    • Managing network security.
    • Reporting cyber security incidents.
  • On-the-job mentoring

    New and existing employees undertaking the Cyber Security Traineeship can apply their training on-the-job, under the supervision of a mentor with industry experience. As an employer, you will need to provide a mentor for your workplace. While the mentor doesn’t require a cyber security qualification, they do need to have experience in cyber security operations. By engaging a mentor in the workplace, your employees can apply their new skills and training in a ‘real-world’ scenario.

  • Upskill your employees for free

    MEGT’s Cyber Security Traineeship is a fantastic opportunity to upskill new or existing staff members for free. Under the Skilling South Australia initiative, the South Australian Government will fund the entire course, including the cost of extra training materials. To be eligible, your employee must be registered under a Training Contract for at least 60 days.

    Signing up a new employee under a traineeship means you could be eligible for further government incentives of up to $4,000 per trainee.

If you’d like to take advantage of this new training incentive, you’ll be upskilling your team for free with the MEGT Cyber Security Traineeship.

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