Our commitment to reconciliation

27 February, 2017

MEGT is proud to announce that our Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan January 2018-January 2021 has been formally endorsed by Reconciliation Australia.

This is our third Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), and one that will allow us to embed our long-term reconciliation initiatives into our broader business strategy.

As an organisation, MEGT’s overall vision is to provide training, education and employment services that make a positive difference. Our aim is to ensure these services are accessible by all Australians, including targeted programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Our Stretch RAP outlines the long-term, measurable actions we are going to take to ensure we fulfill this goal.

We have always viewed reconciliation as a key priority at MEGT, and this is reflected in our dedication to promoting training and employment opportunities that improve the prospects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youths. We are proud to join with Reconciliation Australia and other organisations in a united and shared understanding of reconciliation, with the common goal of enriching the future for all Australians.