As one of nine organisations that is delivering industry-led employment pathways, MEGT’s ICT PaTH Pilot will help young job seekers gain the knowledge and credentials to secure a job in any field which requires IT-related skills.

The MEGT ICT PaTH Pilot is proudly supported by the Australian Government as part of its’ Youth Jobs PaTH Industry pilot. Young job seekers will receive a customised pathway to make sure they are job ready to fill the demand for skilled employees.

  • Job Seekers

    Australia’s ICT industry is expanding and the demand for talented individuals has never been higher. To be part of the MEGT ICT PaTH Pilot, you must be:

    • Aged between 17 and 24
    • Registered with a Jobactive, Disability Employment Services, Transition to Work or New Employment Services trial provider.

    As part of the program, you will participate in two training courses: Prodigy Training and the MEGT Employability Course. 

    Prodigy Training (provided by Prodigy Learning) is an industry recognised competency-based course, made up of a core set of ICT certifications and units to create a learning plan, customised to suit you.   

    The MEGT Employability Course will equip you with the necessary skills that will help you find employment. Over 12 modules, you will create a personal career plan and gain effective communication skills.

    After completing the two courses of training, you will have the skills and confidence to kickstart your career. The MEGT ICT PaTH Pilot will create opportunities for you as a Microsoft Office Specialist across our extensive employer network and can even lead to a placement in the Microsoft Traineeship Program.

  • Employment Service Providers

    The MEGT ICT PaTH Pilot is designed to deliver online learning which gives job seekers the skills and knowledge to make them work ready for a host of industries in which basic intermediate IT skills are valued and required.
    Training will be conducted online by qualified trainers and equip your job seekers with industry-recognised credentials and employability skills such as proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel. This training is made up of two courses: Prodigy Training and the MEGT Employability Course. 

    The two courses incorporate ICT certifications and pre-employment skills to create a customised learning experience for job seekers, giving them the skills and confidence to kickstart their career.

    Our extensive network of employers, and partnership with the Microsoft Traineeship Program, will give your job seekers a range of career opportunities to utilise their skills. 

  • Employers

    The MEGT ICT PaTH Pilot aims to fill ICT-related jobs with young job seekers. The pilot program makes job seekers job ready by giving them the knowledge, skills and confidence to find a job in a broad range of industries in which intermediate IT skills are required.
    We are now looking for employers to support us. MEGT can:

    • Screen and shortlist job-ready jobseekers at no cost to you
    • Customise our ICT PaTH Pilot program if you have multiple vacancies to fill
    • Provide access to the Australian Government’s PaTH Internship Program
    • Help you access a broad range of incentives.

    As job seekers progress through the pilot program, ICT PaTH Pilot, we’ll be working hard to ensure they are aware of the many employment opportunities that exist. We can also help you find the perfect Microsoft Office Specialist candidate for your business, by providing you with a list of motivated and skilled job seekers looking to kickstart their careers.

    The MEGT ICT PaTH Pilot offers flexible solutions for your business. If you have multiple vacancies available, we can adapt our program and to tailor it to your needs.
    As part of the MEGT ICT PaTH pilot, you will be able to participate in the Australian Government’s PaTH Internship Program. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to trial an employee in any suitable ICT-related role, at no cost, to see if they are the right fit for your business.

MEGT has proudly partnered with Microsoft Australia to support budding ICT professionals take the first step in their new career. The Microsoft Traineeship program provides trainees with the opportunity to gain valuable, hands-on experience while they work towards a nationally accredited qualification.

The MEGT ICT PaTH Pilot creates a pathway for job seekers to participate in this program and gain experience in an in-demand industry.

Funding has been provided by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment through the Youth Jobs PaTH Industry Pilot initiative.

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