Cyber Security for Starters - Employers


In the last few years, there has been a substantial growth in the number of Australians employed in the field of cyber security. That number now stands at 26,500, according to the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network (AustCyber).

The trend looks set to continue, as it’s predicted that at least another 7,000 positions will need to be filled by 2024, in all types of industries right across the country.

In partnership with Microsoft, AustCyber, Prodigy Learning, CIT and TAFE NSW, MEGT is helping to meet this demand with its Cyber Security for Starters training. The training consists of one unit of competency from the Certificate IV in Cyber Security (22334VIC). 

With the support of ‘Host Employers’, individuals who complete this training are then primed to pursue the Cyber Security Microsoft Traineeship Program, including the full Certificate. 

An important focus of this program is to increase the diversity of our IT and cyber security workforce. That’s why MEGT is especially interested to hear from employers who are committed to supporting the careers of women, military veterans, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, neurologically diverse people, displaced workers and other minority groups.

So, would you like to become a host employer?

  • What is a Host Employer?

    MEGT is looking for Host Employers from within the Microsoft Australia Network to take on one or more of the graduates from Cyber Security for Starters as trainees in their business.

    Host Employers provide them with day-to-day work and supervision, on-the-job training and development. 

    As the trainees’ legal employer, it is our role to screen and onboard the candidates, fulfil administration and reporting requirements, and manage their wages, entitlements, work performance and training.

  • What are the benefits?

    Host Employers who are involved in the Cyber Security Microsoft Traineeship Program will have the opportunity to increase their pool of Microsoft-certified talent in a way that is aligned with their strategic needs.

    They will have direct access to candidates who’ll already have one unit of competency from the Certificate IV in Cyber Security (22334VIC) under their belt. 

    As they progress further in their Certificate, and with the Host Employers’ support, candidates will develop a strong foundation in IT, emerging technology and cyber security, and work toward industry-recognised Microsoft certifications that are hotly in demand. 

    The traineeship will ultimately equip candidates to become cyber security analysts or engineers, who Host Employers will have the option to retain as fully qualified members of the team once they have completed it. 

  • What is the four-day training?

    Cyber Security for Starters is a four-day training in ‘Recognise the need for cyber security in an organisation (VU21990). This amounts to one unit of competency from the Certificate IV in Cyber Security (22334VIC). 

    The training introduces participants to the following aspects of cyber security:
    •    Threats, risks and vulnerabilities affecting networks, machines, applications, data, users and infrastructure
    •    Common mechanisms of cyber security attacks
    •    Security issues surrounding Internet of Things (IOT) devices
    •    Tools and systems an organisation can use to protect it from cyber security attacks and how          to implement them

  • What is the traineeship?

    The Cyber Security Microsoft Traineeship Program consists of on-the-job training with a Host Employer, and completion of the Certificate IV in Cyber Security (22334VIC), including the following industry-recognised Microsoft certifications: 
    •    MOS Word
    •    MOS Excel
    •    MOS PowerPoint
    •    AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals
    •    SC-900 Microsoft Certified Security, Compliance and Identify Fundamentals

    Through a combination of theory and practical coursework, candidates learn how to manage cyber security threats and protect businesses from malicious intent with the use of innovative technologies. Specifically, they will learn how to:
    •    Monitor the risk of cyber attacks
    •    Identify and use the right tools to defend against breaches
    •    Detect attacks in the network and system security
    •    Develop systems to minimise network vulnerabilities
    •    Protect an organisation from insider security attacks

  • How do I get involved?

    When you indicate that you would like to become involved in the Cyber Security for Starters program, we will provide you with an initial consultation. Our recruitment experts will then match you with one or more of the training graduates and present you with a range of program management options to best suit your business’s needs. 

    To take the first step to become involved or to request additional information, simply complete this form.