MEGT Recruitment and Management Services - Industry Employment Consultant


The Recruitment and Management Services Division:

  • Assists in the development of a highly skilled nation by providing education and training to Australian Apprentices

  • Sources employment opportunities for the benefit of the community and individuals, including disadvantaged groups

  • Assists governments in the implementation of programs developed and funded by them

  • Provides host employers with quality Australian Apprentices and Trainees to support their business

  • Provides a place of employment that is positive, rewarding, goal oriented and that recognises the achievements of both the individual and of the team.



The primary objective of an Industry Employment Consultant (IEC) is to provide a high-quality customer service and maximise apprentice and trainee completion rates within their caseload through the effective mentoring of employers, apprentices and trainees in accordance with The National Standards for Group Training Organisations. 


The IEC will also be responsible for ensuring the workplaces where Australian Apprentices are placed are safe by carrying out appropriate workplace health and safety checks prior to placement in accordance with MEGT’s workers compensation and safety policies and working with employers on continuous improvement initiatives.


The IEC will also be expected to generate high quality and efficient business via additional new hosts and vacancies in line with the key performance expectations outlined in this document and organisational objectives.



  • reporting to the National Field Operations Manager

  • relationships with all relevant internal and external managers and stakeholders



Division: RMS

Employees directly supervised:  NIL

Agreed outcomes:  as per Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)



  • Demonstrated experience in successfully mentoring Australian Apprentices or Trainees throughout the contract of training.

  • Proven experience in managing the effective placement of Australian Apprentices or Trainees with a positive customer service attitude.

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of Workplace, Health and Safety regulations and policies in relation to Australian Apprentices’ site visits.

  • Exceptional proven business development and networking skills, able to determine and prioritise relationships, balancing short-term gains with long-term considerations.

  • Ability to effectively market and promote MEGT RMS to industry stakeholders.

  • Demonstrated experience in effective Account Management.

  • Experience in the trades and/or business administration and/or IT Industries

  • Minimum of intermediate level of digital literacy across multiple Microsoft Suite applications.

  • Relevant experience with mentoring youth would be advantageous

  • Certificate IV WHS would be highly regarded.

  • Current driver license and ability to undertake frequent intra-state travel.



  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to work effectively and collaboratively as a member of a diverse team

  • Proven record of ethical behaviour, able to be a positive role model with a demonstrated commitment to the values and ethics of MEGT.

  •  Able to represent MEGT in a confident, professional and knowledgeable manner, acting with trust and integrity at all times.

  • High level analytical skills with creative, and problem-solving capabilities, making decisions based on evidence balanced with experience and intuition.

  • Able to maintain an accurate, reliable and secure database that supports the promotion of MEGT activities and the current and future needs of MEGT customers.

  • Excellent customer service and presentation skills, demonstrating a mature, and professional approach with a passion for increasing customer satisfaction and driving continuous improvement and learning.

  • Able to self-evaluate and set professional goals in line with personal and organisational objectives.



In the role, you will be required to:

  • Conduct mentoring site visits of Australian Apprentices/Trainees and host employers in accordance with MEGT policy, ensuring that all communication with the Host, Trade School and apprentice is accurately, reliably and securely documented.

  • Provide support and counseling to Australian Apprentices throughout the contract of training with a focus on maintaining ongoing employment and encouraging and recognising achievements. 

  • Empower Australian Apprentices/Trainees throughout their employment by coordinating and monitoring appropriate on and off the job training relevant to the individual and employment situation.

  • Establish and review processes to monitor progress at the RTO and ensure ongoing communication with the Host Employer to take corrective action where required, for example where an apprentice is absent from the RTO.

  • Ensure the workplaces where Australian Apprentices are placed are safe by carrying out appropriate workplace health and safety (WHS) checks prior to placement in accordance with MEGT’s workers compensation and safety policies.

  • Carry out regular WHS checks and discussions with host employer and Australian Apprentices/Trainees in conjunction with site visits and implement collaborative development and improvement activities. 

  • Provide an excellent level of customer service by ensuring that apprentices/trainees requiring rotation or new placement are handled in a timely manner to ensure on-going and continuous employment.

  • Proactively participate in injury management and assist with the development of Return to Work Plans for apprentices or trainees within your portfolio who require this service.

  • Actively pursue up to date knowledge of appropriate employment conditions with reference to awards and employment agreements, advising apprentices, trainees and employers where necessary, and ensuring any changing needs and requirements are effectively communicated to MEGT staff.

  • Help MEGT achieve its organisational objectives by promoting and selling the full range of services provided by the company to RTOs, secondary schools, government institutions, Industry Advisory Boards, businesses etc.

  • Proactively provide prompt, efficient and quality contact with MEGT customers in a courteous, professional and empathetic manner.

  • Actively pursue up to date knowledge of all relevant legislation, regulations and Government policies that affect the employment of Australian Apprentices/Trainees and relevant labor market programs.

  • Perform and participate in other associated activities as required by your manager to achieve the strategy and objectives of the division and the organisation.

  • Undertake continuous professional development activities by engaging with the MEGT Performance Appraisal and Development Program.


Note:  This Position Description is indicative of the initial expectation of the role and subject to change in line with requirements of the Department of Education and Training and/or MEGT’s goals and priorities, activities or focus of the job. The incumbent can expect to be allocated duties not specifically mentioned in this document, but within the capacity, qualifications and experience normally expected from persons occupying positions at this level. 



These measures will act as a guide for management in determining the IEC’s actual performance to KPI measured against the below weekly KPI targets. In addition to regular weekly discussions on progress against target with the line manager, an annual review will be conducted to determine ‘on the job performance’. This annual KPI review will form part of a consultative review of your overall performance in general encompassing all requirements of the position description as a minimum.


The role of an Industry Employment Consultant will be measured in the following areas;

  • Meeting the operational completion targets

  • Achieving the commencement targets with both Existing and New Business

  • Adhering to the RMS Site Visit schedule for all Apprentices and Trainees

  • Compliance requirements relating to Training Plans, Debtor Management and RTO/TAFE Visits completed

  • Safety requirements relating to Safety Toolbox Talks, Audiometric Results and the follow up support to our WH & S team with injuries and incidents

  • Database management capturing all weekly activity within the relevant CRM



All staff are required to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of other personnel who may be affected by their conduct.



This position is required to undertake a National Police Check prior to commencing employment. A State/Territory Working with Children or Working with Vulnerable People Check may also be required by any applicable State/Territory legislation. The National Police Check must be renewed every two years as a minimum. 



MEGT is committed to welcoming and maintaining a diverse workforce, which will help us attract and retain a team of talented people to better serve our clients and improve business results.



MEGT requires personal information relevant to your employment. The collection and handling of the information will be consistent with the requirements of the Privacy Act.



MEGT requires all staff to demonstrate and maintain an adequate and proportionate level of information security knowledge and competence.


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