MEGT Chief Executive Officer

MEGT Objectives:

MEGT is an Australian not-for-profit organisation supporting employers, apprentices, trainees and job seekers for over 35 years.  MEGT is committed to providing quality employment and training solutions that make a positive difference to the communities they work in.

Position Objectives:

The CEO is responsible for running a financially sound business including driving the successful implementation of MEGT’s strategic plan.  The CEO is responsible for ensuring the business is conducted in a professional and ethical manner whilst adhering to MEGT’s values.


  • Reports to the Board
  • Close working relationship with the Board members
  • Currently supervises:
    • General Manager Apprenticeship Network Provider
    • General Manager Recruitment & Management Services
    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Chief Information Officer
    • National Marketing Manager
    • Manager People & Safety


Organisation:  approximately 600 employees

Current employees directly supervised:  6

Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Provide regular reports and professional advice to Board members;
  2. Attend meetings as requested by the Board.

Lead MEGT:

  1. Manage, protect and enhance MEGT’s assets;
  2. Deliver budgeted targets;
  3. Develop strategies to deliver individual business targets;
  4. Develop strategies for sustainable growth;
  5. Support the development and implementation of operating policies;
  6. Support the development of individuals leadership skills.

Manage MEGT:

  1. Develop business strategy in conjunction with the Board and key executives;
  2. Deliver short, medium and long term outcomes of the business strategy;
  3. Oversee the development and implementation of financial plans;
  4. Operate within annual budgets;

Growth Strategies & Stakeholder Value:

  1. Develop and implement short, medium and long term initiatives to deliver MEGT’s strategic objectives;
  2. Identify, assess and deliver opportunities to grow the business in both numbers and revenue through organic growth, acquisition and joint ventures;
  3. Identify, assess and deliver opportunities to grow related businesses;
  4. Identify, assess and develop strategies to maintain a leading position in the sector;
  5. Maximise stakeholder value by managing the mix of the investment portfolio.

Professional, Ethical & Legal Conduct:

  1. Ensure activities comply with all relevant Acts, professional regulations and ethical standards.

Business Risk/Health, Safety and Environment:

  1. Actively be involved in all areas of risk management.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Demonstrated capacity to think strategically;
  2. Proven track record of executive management;
  3. Contemporary leader who can inspire, motivate and harness individual capabilities;
  4. Ability to enhance business performance;
  5. Exceptional communicator and ability to undertake high level representation;
  6. Ability to provide independent advice to the Board;
  7. Industry knowledge will be an advantage.

Qualifications, Skills and Attributes:

  1. Tertiary qualification in business management or equivalent is preferred;
  2. Executive level experience in a similar sized organisation.

Attachment 1 - MEGT Indicative Key Performance Indicators:


  1. Achieve growth and profit targets;
  2. Manage the investment portfolio and maximise stakeholder value.

Growth Reach

  1. Identify and assess acquisition based growth;
  2. Develop strategies to maintain a leading position in the sector.

Manage Business Risk

  1. Develop business strategy and associated business plans;
  2. Ensure business strategy and plans are achieved;
  3. Manage operations within annual budget.

Organisation Development

  1. Develop and implement operating policies;
  2. Develop of business, management and leadership skills;
  3. Formulate and implement strategies to develop individuals and management.

Board Reporting

  1. Submit timely and accurate Board reports.

Professional, Legal & Ethical Performance

  1. Ensure activities comply with professional, legislative & ethical standards.


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