MEGT Apprenticeship Network Provider - National Manager - Business Services


MEGT is contracted as an Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) to the Australian Government through the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) to market and administer the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN). 


MEGT ANP’s vision is to provide excellent customer service for, and promote positive collaboration between, employers, potential and current Australian Apprentices (includes apprentices and trainees) and the Australian Government.  


MEGT ANP is committed to building the skills, knowledge and experience of its people so that they are empowered to make determinations using accurate and reliable data, putting the needs of our customers and partners first. MEGT ANP understands the current and future needs of Australian Apprentices and employers and continue to tailor and adapt support to enhance long-term improvement initiatives. 


MEGT ANP offers a no cost service to employers, potential and current Australian Apprentices (includes apprentices and trainees) by:

  • providing customised pre-commencement services designed to test, stream and match apprentices (and apprenticeships) to potential employers

  • completing and lodging National Training Contracts with the relevant State Training Authority 

  • determining eligibility for participation and government funding 

  • processing where applicable, incentive payments to employers and personal benefits and Trade Support Loans to Australian Apprentices

  • monitoring the progress of individual Australian Apprenticeships

  • providing tailored support such as mentoring for Australian Apprentices and employers

  • attending workplaces to provide support prior to and during the Australian Apprenticeship.



The role of the ANP National Manager – Business Services (NMBS) is primarily responsible for collaborating with the ANP GM and National and State Managers (NSM) to ensure that all quantitative and qualitative KPIs established within the AASN Contract and Guidelines and by the ANP Division (as reflected in the annual ANP Business Plan) are achieved in all areas involving Central Processing Unit (CPU) Administration. 


This role will be directly responsible for ensuring the Administration Managers understand and have the required resources, training and knowledge to meet requirements and targets in line with the ANP Business Plan, Federal and State government contracts and in accordance with all DESE Guidelines including: AAIP, TSL and AASNOGs. The role will also be responsible for the preparation and submission of accurate reports and other documentation required under this program. The NMBS will be responsible for analysing and evaluating available data to compile and submit six-monthly Departmental Progress Reports and will also play a strong support role in any report and tender writing processes within the AASN.


The National Manager - Business Services will always be required to represent MEGT professionally and ethically with Government and key stakeholders.



  • Reports to the General Manager – ANP.

  • Provides leadership and direction to a team of Administration Managers (direct reports) nationally.

  • Liaises closely with the ANP NSM Team, National Manager – Business Improvement and Quality and the ANP Organisational Development Advisor.

  • Works co-operatively and maintains mutually productive and collaborative relationships with State Managers, Customer Service Managers and Field Operations Managers nationally to support MEGT’s achievement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) required within the AASN Contracts.

  • Develops and maintains productive and collaborative relationships with DESE representatives at both Federal and State levels.

  • Develops and maintains collaborative relationships with State Training Authorities.



Division: ANP

Employees directly supervised: Up to 7

Agreed outcomes:  as per KPIs



  • Proven experience in leading and motivating high performing teams to achieve organisational objectives.

  • A proven ability to determine, establish and exceed KPIs.

  • Demonstrated understanding of DESE compliance requirements.

  • Demonstrated capability to comprehend, document, measure and continually improve process flows and system requirements in a complex and changing environment.

  • An understanding of AASN contractual and guideline requirements particularly regarding administration of the contracts.

  • Strong financial management skills with the ability to interpret and analyse financial reports.

  • Experience in formulating and delivering effective and audience relevant reports and presentations, including a proven ability to prepare high quality written documents and reports to be submitted to Government Departments.

  • Capable of meeting the requirements of a high-volume environment and competing demands through effective prioritising and an ability to manage time effectively.

  • Demonstrated experience in developing engagement strategies for staff particularly in the management of staff in multiple office locations

  • Highly developed communication and interpersonal skills with ability to establish positive and collaborative relationships with internal and external key stakeholders

  • Proven ability to support the identification of training needs and actively support the development of training and delivery of interventions, ensuring Administration Managers have the knowledge and resources required to act with accountability.

  • Able to self-evaluate, setting professional goals in line with personal and organisational objectives, and work effectively and collaboratively as a member of a diverse team. 

  • Minimum of two years’ experience in a supervisory role

  • Experience in the VET sector and proven record of compliance with AASN guidelines and operating procedures, with a high-level understanding of the requirements of the AASN program. 

  • Understanding and application of International Standards frameworks and the successful integration of quality management principles and processes into complex and pressured operating environments.



  • Able to motivate team members to reach desired organisational objectives by consistently achieving KPIs

  • Demonstrated understanding of administrative practices within an AASN CPU area

  • Experience with using systems to manage AASN processes (JobReady and TYIMS experience preferred), understanding system and process interdependencies and the impact of any modifications to the process.

  • Demonstrated experience in analysing and evaluating data to formulate and deliver accurate and timely reports and presentations.

  • Demonstrated experience with the development, implementation and monitoring of operational performance strategies in line with organisational objectives.  

  • Ability to produce and interpret financial reports, identify variances and provide guidance to management on corrective actions required.

  • Demonstrated capability to successfully influence and negotiate within a complex and fast-changing business environment to achieve efficient and effective business outcomes. 

  • High level of digital literacy across multiple MS applications and programs

  • Proven ability to self-motivate and to empower others to take initiative.

  • High level analytical skills with creative, and innovative problem-solving capabilities, making decisions based on evidence balanced with experience and intuition.

  • Demonstrated commitment to continuous improvement and receptive to change

  • Ability to understand and drive cultural change, creating shared values and encouraging an organisation-wide commitment to quality. 

  • Monitor, analyse and evaluate performance and implement continuous improvement activities to achieve national consistency.

  • Outstanding leadership and people management skills

  • Continually strive for personal and organisational development

  • Current driver licence.



  • Provide staff with the required resources, training and knowledge to ensure that all KPIs set by the ANP GM within this area are achieved or exceeded.

  • Manage National CPU functions in collaboration with Administration Managers to ensure all procedures and KPIs are met according to DESE requirements and ANP Business Plan.

  • Ensure the consistent delivery of the AASN contract across all contracted regions in relation to contractual and Company (policy) qualitative key performance indicators.

  • Actively support and contribute to the development, creation and evaluation of nationally consistent standard operating procedures across CPU operations.

  • Develop relationships within DESE and provide information and recommendations to ANP GM on strategic and operational business matters, communicating those strategies to internal and external stakeholders. 

  • Actively pursue up to date knowledge of all relevant legislation, regulations and Government policies that affect AASN services and the employment of Australian Apprentices and ensure such knowledge is effectively communicated to staff.

  • Work collaboratively with the National Manager – Business Improvement & Quality to ensure all quality aspects of the ANP administration functions are undertaken consistently and in line with ISO 9001 Certification requirements. 

  • Work collaboratively with other NSM Members to implement and maintain a nationally consistent approach for AASN and particularly AASN administrative processes and the measurement of performance.

  • Ensure preparation and on time submission of all reports related to Administrative operations, to meet contractual requirements and business performance.

  • Coordinate effective induction and training for new staff within the Administrative areas, communicating MEGT’s mission, vision, strategy, policies and procedures and promoting collaboration throughout the organisation.

  • In collaboration with the NSM, develop and implement strategies and methods to identify and implement opportunities for continuous improvement and improved productivity outcomes in all areas of the ANP. 

  • Apply high level financial management acumen to maintain compliance with approved annual budgets and authorisation of expenditure.

  • Support the implementation of new company policy and procedures, providing a positive example across the organisation.

  • Coach, mentor and motivate team members and empower them to take positive action and accountability for their assigned work.

  • Inspire, encourage and recognise contributions to improvement and achievements by staff and other internal and external stakeholders.  

  • Undertake continuous professional development activities by engaging with the MEGT Performance Appraisal and Development Program.


Note:  This Position Description is indicative of the initial expectation of the role and subject to change in line with requirements of MEGT’s business goals and priorities. The incumbent can expect to be allocated duties not specifically mentioned in this document, but within the capacity, qualifications and experience normally expected from persons occupying positions at this level.  



  • Measure, monitor and achieve KPIs as set by ANP Business Plan, DESE and State Training Authorities and within contractual and guideline requirements.

  • Evidence of active input to NSM decision making that promotes the achievement of AASN and business objectives. 

  • Make accurate and reliable contributes to tender application projects and ensure that the submissions are completed effectively and efficiently in a timely and secure manner.

  • Ensure that all additional tasks assigned by ANP GM are completed in an accurate and timely manner.

  • Demonstrated contribution to the continuous improvement of the ANP business processes and systems that directly contributes to the maintenance of ISO 9001 certification

  • Ensure structured induction and associated training for new staff is completed within 3 months of commencement.

  • Application of high-level financial management acumen including compliance with the annual budget and authorisation of expenditure.

  • Empower staff to take initiatives and enable self-evaluation of their performance against personal and business objectives. Facilitate open discussion and address any concerns in a professional and timely manner.



All staff are required to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of other personnel who may be affected by their conduct.



ANP staff are required to undertake a National Police Check prior to commencing employment. A State/Territory Working with Children or Working with Vulnerable People Check may also be required by any applicable State/Territory legislation. A clearance to work with children in connection with the delivery of AASN is mandatory. The National Police Check must be renewed every two years as a minimum.



MEGT is committed to welcoming and maintaining a diverse workforce, which will help us attract and retain a team of talented people to better serve our clients and improve business results.



MEGT requires personal information relevant to your employment. The collection and handling of the information will be consistent with the requirements of the Privacy Act.



MEGT requires all staff to demonstrate and maintain an adequate and proportionate level of information security knowledge and competence.


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