MEGT Apprentice Network Provider - Manager - Mentoring Services

Objectives of the Division:

MEGT  Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) is contracted to the Australian Government through the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) to market and administer Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) services. MEGT ANP offers a free service to employers and potential and current Australian Apprentices (includes apprentices and trainees) by:


  • providing customised pre-commencement services designed to screen, test, stream and match apprentices (and apprenticeships) to potential employers

  • completing and lodging National Training Contracts with the relevant State/Territory Training Authority

  • determining eligibility for participation and government funding

  • processing where applicable, incentive payments to employers and personal benefits and Trade Support Loans to Australian Apprentices

  • providing advice to employers and Australian Apprentices on relevant training packages

  • monitoring the progress of individual Australian Apprenticeships

  • providing tailored support such as mentoring for Australian Apprentices and employers

  • attending workplaces to provide support prior to and during the Australian Apprenticeship.


Objectives of the Position:

MEGT ANP currently provides Mentoring Services to Australian Apprentices as part of the In-Training Support services under the AASN Contract. The Manager – Mentoring Services is primarily responsible for working with the National Manager - Operations to ensure that Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) set via the AASN Contract are achieved for the In-Training Support Services. In-Training Support services aim to provide tailored support to individuals assessed by Network Providers during Gateway services, sign-up or post-sign-up as being at risk of non-completion. This service also assists employers who may be having difficulties with the apprenticeship relationship, which may result in non-completion.


In-Training Support services may be short-term or ongoing and can be delivered at any stage from sign-up to completion. In-Training Support services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Pastoral care – support with personal needs and problems.

  • Mediation – a structured process in which the Network Provider assists the employer and apprentice to negotiate an agreement to resolve their dispute.

  • Mentoring – provide suggestions and guidance in relation to career planning, transitions, making decisions and facilitating problem solving. A mentor can be a role model, coach, counsellor or trusted resource.

  • Industry mentoring – expert with knowledge of a particular industry assists an apprentice with particular career and skills development concerns related to the industry.

  • Counselling – professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems.

  • Career guidance – assist apprentices to make educational, training and occupational choices and to manage their career.

  • Referral – directing apprentices to specialist services for further advice or action. For example, drug and alcohol support services, Fair Work Ombudsman or State and Territory Training Authorities.


Network Providers identify the issues that may arise for apprentices and employers as basic or complex. In-Training Support services will be available for those issues identified as complex. In-Training Support is a tailored service which is recorded on an Apprenticeship Maintenance Plan (AMP). 


This role will be directly responsible for ensuring the Mentors and the Mentoring Hub meet requirements and targets in line with the AASN Contract. The role will also be responsible for the preparation and submission of reports and other documentation required under this program.



  • reports to the National Manager - Operations

  • supervises a team of Mentors and the Mentoring Hub

  • works closely with the Customer Service Manager (Mentoring Services), Team Leader (Mentoring Services), National and State Management, Field Operation Managers in the state, field staff, administration staff and other MEGT staff as required

  • may represent MEGT ANP to external stakeholders in order to perform this role

  • works closely with program referral partners.



Division:                                                    ANP

Employees directly supervised:      Up to 20

Agreed outcomes:                                as per Key Performance Indicators.


Selection Criteria:

  • previous experience in managing mentoring services or similar programs

  • proven leadership sales management skills, particularly in a sales and service environment

  • ability to lead, motivate and manage a team across multiple locations to achieve results in line with business requirements

  • experience in the VET sector and/or knowledge of AASN services would be highly regarded

  • ability to maximise fee for service by meeting KPIs and contractual requirements

  • sound decision making skills with the ability to identify solutions, handle complaints, and advise on complex situations

  • experience in formulating and delivering reports and presentations

  • an understanding of industry trends and structural/transitional change is desirable

  • relevant management qualification or industry experience is desirable

  • a current Driver Licence is mandatory.


Qualifications, Skills and Attributes:

  • ability to represent MEGT internally and externally in a confident, professional and knowledgeable capacity

  • demonstrated ability to identify skills gaps and deliver coaching and training where required

  • a demonstrated understanding of the requirements of managing processes and systems

  • excellent organisation and time management skills, with an ability to plan and prioritise workloads

  • demonstrated ability to develop and implement change management strategies

  • minimum of intermediate level of skill with Microsoft products

  • well presented with a professional, confident and friendly image

  • ability to display empathy when dealing with Australian Apprentices

  • experience in complaints resolution

  • well-developed computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite and social media, with an ability to analyse data and produce reports for senior management

  • excellent interpersonal and communication skills, inclusive of good written communication skills, accurate spelling and grammar, with the ability to communicate effectively at all levels including various demographics and social backgrounds

  • an understanding of business practice and relationships within a commercial environment

  • ability to deliver excellent service through a mature approach utilising tact and diplomacy when interacting with clients and staff

  • minimum of two years’ experience in a similar role


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • oversee a team of Mentors and the Mentoring Hub to ensure they provide a high-quality service by giving staff direction, ensuring availability of staff to cover absences, assisting staff to improve their performance, identifying training and development needs and providing training where appropriate, resolving conflict and providing advice and assistance to staff to maximise their performance

  • ensure that the team meets all the performance indicators and timeframes established and complies with the legislative, regulatory requirements and AASN program guidelines by supervising staff performance and monitoring performance against the required indicators

  • assist the National Manager - Operations to implement and maintain a nationally consistent approach for Mentoring Services and the measurement of performance

  • prepare mentoring reports as required under the AASN Contract tracking performance against set benchmarks and contractual KPIs, with support as required from the National Manager - Operations

  • identify and ensure staff utilise local/state/national organisations to assist with addressing barriers to completion

  • prepare and provide presentations, reports and information to the National Manager - Operations as required

  • develop methods to identify Australian Apprentices at risk of non-completion and implement procedures to manage risk

  • develop and implement methods and strategies for identifying complex issues to support eligible Australian Apprentices  

  • utilise existing networks to ensure information around the value proposition of Mentoring Services is effectively communicated

  • regular interstate travel is required.


Note:  This Position Description is indicative of the initial expectation of the role and subject to change in line with requirements of DESE and/or MEGT’s goals and priorities, activities or focus of the job. The incumbent can expect to be allocated duties not specifically mentioned in this document, but within the capacity, qualifications and experience normally expected from persons occupying positions at this level. 


Key Performance Indicators:

  • ensure individual and team operational targets are met:

    • meet or exceed In-Training Support participant numbers and Apprenticeship Maintenance Plan (AMP) monitoring requirements, as outlined in the AASN Contract.

    • ensure Mentoring contacts are undertaken within timeframes set in the Performance Appraisal Development Plans (PADPs).

    • ensure KPI targets set in PADPs are achieved.

    • ensure outcomes are achieved in line with business requirements, including retention and completion rates.

  • manage staff and ensure all performance and discipline issues are addressed professionally and promptly or escalated to the National Manager - Operations where appropriate

  • ensure compliance with policies, procedures and guidelines, including the accurate and timely recording of information

  • ensure compliance with AASN Contract requirements is met and no fraudulent activities or complaints are received

  • maintain an understanding of relevant industries and appropriate organisations for referrals and utilise where necessary

  • display behaviours consistent with a Leadership role

  • work efficiently and effectively with other Managers.


Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Responsibilities:

All staff are required to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of other personnel who may be affected by their conduct.


All Managers and Supervisors will require further statements re their responsibilities for direct reports.


Police Check / Working with Children:

All ANP staff are required to undertake a National Police Check prior to commencing employment. The National Police Check must be renewed every two years as a minimum.


A State/Territory Working with Children or Working with Vulnerable People Check is also required by any applicable State/Territory legislation.



MEGT is committed to welcoming and maintaining a diverse workforce, which will help us attract and retain a team of talented people to better serve our clients and improve business results.


Privacy Notification:

MEGT requires personal information relevant to your employment. The collection and handling of the information will be consistent with the requirements of the Privacy Act.


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