MEGT Apprentice Network Provider - Career Hub Support Officer

Objectives of the Division:  

MEGT is contracted as an Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) to the Australian government through the Department of Education and Training (DET) to market and administer the Australian Apprenticeships Support Network (AASN).   MEGT ANP offers a free service to employers, potential and current Australian Apprentices (includes apprentices and trainees) by: 


  • providing customised pre-commencement services designed to screen, test, stream and match apprentices (and apprenticeships) to potential employers 

  • completing and lodging National Training Contracts with the relevant State/Territory Training Authority  

  • determining eligibility for participation and government funding  

  • processing where applicable, incentive payments to employers and personal benefits and Trade Support Loans to Australian Apprentices 

  • providing advice to employers and Australian Apprentices on relevant training packages  

  • monitoring the progress of individual Australian Apprenticeships 

  • providing tailored support such as mentoring for Australian Apprentices and employers 

  • attending workplaces to provide support prior to and during the Australian Apprenticeship 


Objectives of the Position:  

The primary role of the Career Hub Support Officer is to provide quality support to employers, job seekers, internal clients and other stakeholders accessing MEGT’s Career Hub. The role is responsible to provide Career Hub users with system support, primarily via phone and email, as well as providing pre-commencement advice and early education about Australian Apprenticeships to employers and job seekers. Duties include assisting employers with posting vacancies and writing effective job descriptions, as well as performing job matching and screening through the use of screening and assessment tools in order to find the ‘right fit’. The incumbent will also prepare Ready To Work (RTW) Plans, assist the Careers Advisor to provide career advice to job seekers, is responsible to perform data entry within MEGT internal systems and external Government systems, and contribute to the continual improvement and development of Career hub systems, processes and procedures. 



  • Reporting to the Careers Advisor 

  • Working closely with Career Hub, ANP and other MEGT staff as required 

  • Building and maintaining relationships with all external stakeholders  



  • Division:  ANP 

  • Employees directly supervised:  Nil 

  • Agreed outcomes: as per Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 


Selection Criteria: 

  • Demonstrated high level of computer literacy across a range of programs, including MS Office suite, particularly Word, Excel and Outlook 

  • Demonstrated accurate and efficient data entry skills with attention to detail 

  • Demonstrated commitment to providing quality customer service to external and internal stakeholders 

  • Able to display strong written and oral communication skills with an excellent phone manner for inbound and outbound calls 

  • Proven ability to manage a multitude of tasks and prioritise work schedules 

  • Proven capacity to meet set targets/KPIs 

  • Demonstrated experience in recruitment, or a related support role will be highly regarded 

  • A demonstrated understanding of the AASN Program, including Targeted and Universal Services, specifically Gateway Services will be highly regarded 


Qualifications, Skills and Attributes: 

  • Mature approach when interacting with both internal and external clients 

  • Ability to deliver high quality service to both clients and staff  

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills  

  • Willingness to receive direction and flexibility to adapt to a changing environment 

  • Ability to analyse, interpret and follow guidelines and procedures 

  • Demonstrated ability to interpret and analyse information 

  • Be willing to contribute to personal and organisational development 

  • Proven time management skills and flexibility to adjust priorities as required  

  • Well presented with a professional, confident friendly image  

  • Ability to work in a team environment and be receptive to change  

  • Confident to represent MEGT with an appropriate level of knowledge and professionalism 

  • Ability to display honest and ethical work practices  

  • Relevant administration or recruitment qualifications or experience 


Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Provide system support to Career Hub users primarily by phone and email 

  • Understand the complete range of Career Hub service offerings in order to promote the full suite of services  

  • Provide pre-commencement advice and early education information about Australian Apprenticeship to employers and job seekers 

  • Assist employers to post apprentice and trainee vacancies and write effective ob descriptions 

  • Perform candidate job matching and screening through the user of screening and assessment tools  

  • Support the Careers Advisor to prepare RTW plans and provide careers advice to job seekers 

  • Focus on meeting customer expectations by delivering quality customer service to employers, job seekers and other external and internal stakeholders  

  • Complete required data entry within MEGT internal systems and Government databases accurately within required timeframes to ensure outcomes are counted against MEGT’s Gateway Services target with DET 

  • Assist with the organisation and operation of promotional events and functions that promote the Career Hub and AASN program 

  • Contribute to the continual improvement and development of Career Hub systems, processes and procedures 

  • Contribute to increasing the commencement, retention and completion rate of Australian Apprentices through the provision of Career Hub services. 

  • Develop and maintain an understanding of MEGT AASN processes and procedures, and how they relate to your role 

  • Refer specific queries related to the Australian Apprenticeship program to the appropriate universal services area within MEGT ANP 

  • Liaise with relevant field and administrative staff as required  

  • Develop and maintain links with existing and potential Australian Apprentices to use MEGT ANP services 

  • Develop and maintain knowledge of AASN Guidelines in order to provide general advice and information to Australian Apprentices and potential Australian Apprentices regarding the lifecycle of an Australian Apprenticeship including training contracts, incentive claims, personal benefits and Trade Support Loans 

  • Understanding of the complete range of products offered by group training companies, ANPs and Registered Training Organisations 

  • Frequently communicate with and manage expectations of all relevant stakeholders in a timely manner 

  • Adhere to privacy legislation in the provision and sharing of information. 


Note:  This Position Description is indicative of the initial expectation of the role and subject to change in line with requirements of the Department of Education and Training and/or MEGT’s goals and priorities, activities or focus of the job. The incumbent can expect to be allocated duties not specifically mentioned in this document, but within the capacity, qualifications and experience normally expected from persons occupying positions at this level.   


Key Performance Indicators: 

  • Compliance with Career Hub processes and procedures 

  • Compliance with all contract requirements as set out in the DET guidelines. 

  • Complete all assigned tasks within set timeframes 

  • Contribute to the overall success of the Career Hub 


Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Responsibilities: 

All staff are required to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of other personnel who may be affected by their conduct. 


National Police Check:  

All ANP staff are required to undertake a National Police Check prior to commencing employment. A State/Territory Working with Children or Working with Vulnerable People Check may also be required by any applicable State/Territory legislation. A clearance to work with children in connection with the delivery of Network Support Services is mandatory. The National Police Check must be renewed every two years as a minimum. 



MEGT is committed to welcoming and maintaining a diverse workforce, which will help us attract and retain a team of talented people to better serve our clients and improve business results. 


Privacy Notification:  

MEGT requires personal information relevant to your employment. The collection and handling of the information will be consistent with the requirements of the Privacy Act. 


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