Opportunities for Victorian amateur football players

Opportunities for Victorian amateur football players

  • Published on Wednesday 16 July, 2014
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The Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA) is pleased to announce it has partnered with a not-for-profit organisation to help gain employment for some of the players – and to help make it easier for supporters and sponsors grow their own businesses.

MEGT Australia will help provide employment, skills assessments, career pathway and pre-apprenticeship trade education for our players. They handle the recruitment, payroll, mentoring and will organise and monitor the job training.

“We recognise VAFA clubs put a lot of time and effort into assisting players with career opportunities,” said Blair O’Hara, VAFA GM Commercial.

“We identified MEGT Australia as a potential partner to assist clubs in the area of apprenticeships and traineeships and are delighted to be working together formally to provide reliable and effective management and more opportunities for clubs and their players.”

John Mercieca, MEGT Business Development Manager said his organisation is delighted and proud to become a partner of the VAFA. “We are committed to delivering employment opportunities to the players, members and sponsors and supporting each party so the players can continue to follow their football passion without compromising their future career opportunities.”

For the past 30+ years, MEGT Australia has specialised in matching people with the right attitude and aptitude to a business through traineeships and apprenticeships. But it doesn’t stop there. John explains that this government supported service ensures the players will be job-ready. They will be matched to the business – so they fit in with the business team – not just the sports team. They will be coached for the workplace not just for the game. They will be paid the right money, given the right skills training and supported for the time they are an apprentice or trainee with the business.

“We see a lot of synergies between a workplace team and a football team,” explains John. “They both need to develop skills in order to achieve their goals. A business needs the same thing. For a business to grow, it needs people with the same positive attitude these VAFA players have – combined with the discipline and determination to take on the skills they need. We are really proud to be able to call on all the business people that care about VAFA and understand this truth. We’ll do our utmost for the players – and for the business people that put their hand up to give them a go in their workplace.”